From an early age I realised that gender is part of what divides us as people. Patriarchy created by man has certainly made sure of that. At the age of 47 I realised nothing was changing for the better. I had become disillusioned as a male. In fact I no longer wanted to identify just as a male. I wanted to identify with the female gender too. In fact there’s elements of all the gender binaries I enjoy and feel comfortable with so GENDERLESS is what I became so I could truly be me!

I love mixing things up and being me. Other people enjoy me being me and being truly happy with it too!

To eliminate problematic issues first you have to identify them. Going genderless had helped me identify many issues that I never really about before.

Listening to many women within the feminist movement has helped just how important their struggle is for equality which also includes ending domestic violence right through to rape and murder.

Not forgetting the amount of people from withing the  L.G.B.T.Q.P.I.A. communities and their struggles too!

Patriarchy is something we’re all affected by and I want to see that change for the better. Men need to understand that times are a changing and we all need to make a much better effort to shake of those changes and grab an opportunity with both hands so that women and other gender binaries no longer have to put up with what has been dished out to them for centuries.

I also wanted to share my personal experiences from the joy of wearing what is considered female clothing and every day life as some one so open. This can range from the fun times right through to the prejudices I may come up against.

I purposely missed out the Anti-Fascist and Left Wing struggles as people know all about my 30 plus years of being involved in that struggle which may I add will be carrying on!

This blog isn’t going to be for everyone but I hope you at least give it a chance. I hope it makes others think about their actions. Men especially!

This blog may not change the world but Street Voice is read in over 90 countries so it could change people in a positive manner. I shall wait and see!

Thanks for your time

Hope DIY – January 2015


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Well done Steve! It’s great to see someone be as comfortable with themselves as you are. I also love the passion you show for fighting for what you believe in. What you are doing is a wonderful thing and regardless of gender, your a wonderful person x

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