Feminising Myself And Still No Grief!

Its been a fair while since I wrote a blog. This being I exhausted all experiences living as I was at the time. However over the past few months I have been feminising myself more and using herbal medication I am developing breasts too! Still a biological male mind you! So here I am writing about new experiences!

I’ve previously written about how safe it is using public transport asa trans person and I still stand by that. With the good weather of late the clothes have been shed and I’ve spent a lot of time in Birmingham and other places. To get there I’ve hasd toi using public transport! Here I am above in what some woul describe as a state of undress even though I have breasts developing No hassle whatsoever!

However put a biological woman in such a situation and the same men riding in the carriage as myself would have had planty to say and they would clearly be staring at the woman with rude thoughts spining around their heads!

On this day and barely dressed due to such a lovely day I used no less than four male bathrooms without any bother whatsoever! In fact the only words muttered to me by people I didn’t know were from women complimenting the outfit!In fact every outfit I have worn featured on this page I have worn in public places with no issues whatsoever!

Even when I get dressed up and go to posh functions and looking very feminine I have never had any hassle. Plenty of compliments though! 2019 I think everyone knows some one who is trans? If they don’t they must have been hidden away!

There seems to be this misconception within the trans community that lesbian women are supposed to accept our penises etc. Why the hell can’t you accept that lesbian women do NOT do penis. Why can’t you just be able to be friends with lesbian women and go out and have a great time with them? See photo above as a prime example!

Since I’ve feminised myself I can go about in public in safety but I have a gay man slip his hand under my dress and a dickhead shout ‘Get Your Tits Out’ to me. Not transphobia in the slightest! This is the kind of behaviour that women tend to go through on a daily basis! Don’t believe me. Just google the Everyday Sexism site to see what women and girls have to say about their experiences with men!

Even going into work has been ok bar having to go to work in the first place! I need to win the lottery or soemthing so I can retire! I’ve had my breasts groped once and the person in question would have lost his job if I’d made a complaint. The company is very strict regards any harassment and even name calling will lead to dismissal. Of course people are going to look. Sadly that’s what happens! Not transphobia mind you! Just experiencing what women have to go through!

So yes 2019 has been a big change for me where I have been able to feminise myself without HRT and all the other nonsense big pharma gives out! Once I stop taking the herbal stuff all this can be reversed unlike those on HRT who will have to liove with the consequences of their actions if they choose to go back living as males!

So there you are. That’s where I’m currently at!

Oh yes I also had another Twitter account suspended for telling the truth and talking about reality!

Love Hope x

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