Never Mind Gillette It’s Time To Challenge Toxic Masculinity! 2019 UK Tour!

While this video is welcomed it’s also just another video aimed at making money for the company. The advert will also entice women to buy Gillette’s female range of products which are more expensive than their male equivalents. Sneaky eh?

Many men around the UK and the wider planet give off toxic masculinity in varying degrees. Much of it aimed women and girls. However through my experiences living as a feminine man I too have experienced that toxic masculinity.

On the night I went out wearing the above clothes I experienced some sexual aggression from men. One man offered me money for sex. Other men we sexually aggressive including a taxi driver who is currently suspended for that behaviour.

Women have it far worse. We’ve all heard the stories. We all know what has happened but this behaviour continues as it’s an acceptable male trait!

So here I am showing a lot of skin. The photo has been on line a couple of days and without even trying two men had skyped me playing with their penises and talking filth. Other men have wanted to chat to me via Whatsapp wanting to show dick pics etc.

Like many women I’ve been touched up to being sexually assaulted. Their behaviour is shocking but again women have it far worse. The aggression towards women is worse! It can be life threatening!

The above image is taken from the Belfast Telegraph. The report was about how much flesh should a woman show on a night out? It shouldn’t matter how much flesh a woman is showing a man shouldn’t feel he has the need to harass, sexual assault or rape.

That is a form of toxic masculinity!

That is learned behaviour that needs unlearning!

There is another way and I want to educate both men and boys about their behaviour and what they need to change that behaviour. I want men to understand what their victims go through.They need to change but more importantly than that I want them to step up to the mark and step in when men show any form of toxic masculinity from harassing women right through to starting violence against other males!

What I offer to these men and boys is a new start where they can learn and start talking about their feelings and thoughts and then change for the better!

This tour is to get men and boys to come along be it in a group or on an individual basis and listen to what I have to say. Much of the learning experience is from my own experiences right through to reading women’s and girls testaments.

There is no charge for men and boys who want to learn to become better males!

The Man In Pink wants to show there is a better way forward for the male sex and that is to drop that gender conditioning and with it that toxic masculinity that screws women and girls over!

It’s a learning experience that males will learn that shedding a tear isn’t being weak. Its a learning experience where men can show love for one another. It’s a learning experience that will shock men and boys into change. It’s a learning experience that will see manhood change for the better!

See you around the UK from February 1st 2019.

If you’re interested in this event please email:

Thank You!

Words: Hope Lye

Photos: Hope Lye, Janice Bannister and The Belfast Telegraph

Video: Gillette

Published by:

Street Voice UK

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