Trans Activists, Christmas + Men On Heat!

So as we come to the end of 2018 I was drawn to write another blog!

It’s been a crazy year for me being gender critical with police questioning me, smear campaigns, death threats and men on heat!

You should all know the Tanya Love story with him sending me sexually explicit tweets and then his partner sending me violent deaths. Not forgetting all the grief I have had with their friends where cases are still being put forward to the CPS and many police investigation etc. All this still going on and hopefully will be resolved in early 2019!

If trans activists weren’t harassing me they were harassing women such as Linda Bellos and Venice Allan for simply saying they didn’t want trans identified males in their spaces etc. Graham Lineham the writer of TV show Father Ted has been silenced by the courts and I believe receiving a police caution!

Lets not forget how Maria Maclachlan was let down by the courts this year at the expense of trans madness. A shocking ruling by the Judge!

In fact there’s many stories feminist women could tell at the hands of trans activists and their disgusting behaviour!

We can only hope the tide turns in our favour in 2019 as it’s about time trans activists and other men realised the only poor behaviour comes from them!

So Christmas came around pretty fast this year. I’m not a Jesus lover so don’t tend to celebrate it! Anyway I was convinced to go along to the works annual Christmas party. I certainly made an effort to really go to it classy and found some lovely clothes to wear. I even had my nails and toe nails done professionally and had a spray tan!

I impressed myself on the night doing a huge pub crawl in heels though I did end up pulling my back again! Despite this being a busy night no one died being trans though I did have some man offer me money for sex. His sister the owner of the pub overheard him saying it and banned him from the pub. He knew I was male but was so desperate to have to sex with me.

Even when I was having the above photo taken a man thought he had the right to pretend I was female and stroke the rear of my leg slipping his hand under my skirt. This was in front of lots of people from different businesses all celebrating Christmas!

The taxi ride home was amusing baring in mind he went to the wrong place twice and then moaned because I had a go at him. Despite all this his eyes were fixed on my legs rather than keeping his eyes on the road!

Next morning I struggled to get up and went for the usual punk rock lock. The red tights looking stunning over my legs. I was off finishing some gift shopping and then on to the Telford Vegan Action Xmas Party in Birmingham!

I had only gotten off the train 15 minutes before some kid walked into me with ice cream. Now what are the chances of being splattered by a kid with an ice cream on a cold Sunday morning in December? Just my luck! I binned the tights!

The party passed off well as we drank cocktails and had many laughs.

Time to go home! The rail service was as poor as ever and it took two hours to get home!

I had a cab from the station where the cab driver was attracted to a tattoo on my thigh then started complimenting me on my legs. He actually went to stroke my right leg but I moved it! As I got out the cab he bent over to look under the skirt to have a look! Filthy bastard!

Even a cab driver on Christmas Day evening wanted to touch me despite most of the skin covered up! I only had a cab home as some clown had blocked my brother in!

It’s obvious to all them men I was male. I’ll never pass for being female. No point in even trying! They were either closet homosexuals or just wanted a bit of kink. It doesn’t matter which as it wasn’t happening with me!

You hear of rapes and sexual assaults on women all the time around the Christmas / New Years Eve celebrations. Men usually find an excuse to their actions too! If they don’t blame alcohol, they’ll blame the amount of skin on show and if those don’t work they blame the underwear!

I was a bit taken back with these unwanted passes and it must totally annoy women as they’re less likely to fight back!

Rather than argue especially after a few drinks I made complaints to said cab company and the first part of 2019 will be challenging men about their behaviour and hoping they keep their hands to themselves as well as act responsible!

Thanks for reading the blogs in 2019 and thank you for your support.

Happy New year!

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