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July 2016 West Mercia Police tried three times to have me arrested after complaints were put in by a rich ass trans activist. At the same time they had also paid members of the far right to stab me as well as paying a senior police officer £5000 to have me fitted up crimes which would ensure I go to prison.

Eventually I was interviewed under caution and for the first time ever I never gave a ‘No Comment’ interview. Instead I gave a full interview presenting lots of evidence which also involved police corruption. The police couldn’t get the interview finished quick enough with my solicitor warning we would fight any charges. The Police / CPS decided within a day that NO charges were to be filed against myself.

Between then and September 2018 I have been very vocal about gender critical issues right through to all this madness about Self ID and the implications it will bring. In doing so I have been smeared, threatened, had so many police visits, been interviewed another couple of times under police caution, I’ve been doxxed, my employers contacted etc. Madness! But I carried on!

On Friday September a Woman’s Place UK meeting was cancelled by Leeds council over a number of issues including WPUK are a hate group. All these allegations are false against WPUK. The person behind the cancellation was not the woman who signed the statement released by Leeds Council confirming the cancellation.

The cancellation came about due to complaints from a Leeds based Labour councillor called Jess Lennox. Jess Lennox is not a man in dress but describes herself as both a feminist and a LGBTQAATYWYWYWYWKISuKSIRISIS supporter. Jess Lennox is not new to controversy as she had been investigated by the Labour Party for Antisemitism. In doing so her old Twitter account has been closed which was filled with tweets that could be considered “antisemitic”. Even some militant anti-fascists had thought that Jess Lennox had crossed the line with her criticism of Israel and compared her to be being worse than Kevin Watmough of Combat 18.

So with all that on board I set out to do a static picket outside the home of Jess Lennox. All perfectly legal with feminist leaflets regards Self ID etc posted through letterboxes in the area. After all Jess is alleged to have been party to smear campaigns against radical feminist women and encouraged others to stand up against radical feminists.

Rightly or wrongly some people got upset about that idea. “She’s a woman” they screamed but the truth of the matter she was the instigator of Leeds being cancelled. There’s many on social media who blame men for the cancellations of said events and counter demos to other radical feminist events. The truth is many of these counter demos and disruptions are organised by feminist women. Bristol for example was organised by feminist women in line with LGBT groups. The attack on Maria was orchestrated and supported by Class War’s Women’s Death Brigade or whatever they are called.

Anyway I dropped the idea of of the picket line outside Jess Lennox’ home. I listened to what people said and it brought me to this conclusion:

Like myself women have been abused, threatened, doxxed, had employers contacted etc. Some have even lost jobs or forced to resign. In Posie Parker’s case her kids school had been published on Twitter. Trans Activists along with their feminist allies are getting worse and at some point we are going to see a radical feminist or male ally attacked or even worse killed.

We can’t rely on the courts and so called British justice. Look at what happened to Maria. That court case was a farce.

To be honest I can’t stand by and watch this madness unfold. It needs to be challenged. If some one gets hurt or killed I want to be able to look in the faces of the victims family and say I tried to do something.

However I’ve realised that I probably stand alone on this issue and so removing myself from the madness. Madness that is created on both sides by many people who would never have the conviction to come out on the streets or take part in anything. Instead some lunatic will wind themselves up and ….. Bang ….

To all those who have walked the talk from the likes of Julie B to Venice Allen to Linda Bellos to Posie Parker to everyone at We Need To Talk and WPUK I wish you all the best!

Thank you to all those for love and support. Thanks also to those who’ve read or / and shared the blogs. Much love to you all x

Keep on fighting the good fight x

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