Smeared By SJW’s Over Planned Gender Critical Outreach In Shrewsbury 2018

On Saturday 18th I have an outreach project to talk Self ID. The government and other parties are in consultation whether to make self ID easier for trans people. At present the trans community have to obtain gender recognition certification where they have to prove they have been living in the opposite sex role for two years backed by medical evidence. Doing away with such checks where any man can identity as they wish will put women and children in danger in their own spaces. Women’s services will be affected etc. Say no to Self ID.

Trans Activists such as the three listed below have started a smear campaign and made threats as well as inciting others under Momentum and Shropshire Radical Assembly to attack me.

First up is this man. His real identity is Thomas Parton. He only came onto the political scene a couple of years back. He claimed to have been homeless. The truth was he had been in prison for child rape. He is banned from his family home for life so one can assume he raped a child from within that family unit.

He claims he is innocent and offered me the opportunity to visit any local police station. He made this offer via social media. I took him up on the offer and he has since declined.

Thomas remains silent but a woman from Shrewsbury speaking for him. She calls me out over Thomas Parton’s offer. When I point out I’ve booked an appointment at a local police station she quickly makes an excuse for him.

The biggie is why isn’t Thomas Parton prepared to prove he has no criminal record for child rape? I tell you why! Being on the sex offenders register you are not allowed to bring attention to yourself.

Now this all came about over Thomas Parton emailing a feminist woman from Birmingham who identified him and was shocked by the disgusting things he said about me.

Thomas accused me of disgusting crimes and I can show these smears are made up of by some one with a sick mind. I am happy for Thomas to see my record at a local police station. Nothing to shout home about. I just have a caution for harassing a nazi from around 3 years ago. Hardly crime of the century!

Since then Thomas Parton has stirring up hate amongst his SJW friends. Thomas and his SJW friends that keep offering the EDL / Shrewsbury Town football lads out for violence on various forums then fail to show up?

Other things that Thomas has accused me of is being a Nazi. Laughable really. The real story regards a certain image can be found . Rumours carry more weight than fact!

As for being a grass I’d love to know who I have supposedly grassed on eh Thomas?

Up next is Lucie Hill-Hempstead the spokesperson for Thomas Parton.

Now a little about Lucie. Came out of nowhere. Never heard of her yet so much to say about me. Laughable thing is she thinks she’s a bit of a hard nut. Along with Thomas making threats to local EDL folk / Local football hooligans and like Thomas never turns up to any physical confrontations with them! She hides behind the police!

Hard woman Lucie threatened to throw some acid into the child’s face of some EDL woman she targetted. At that point she had a few masked warriors behind her. That changed when members of the public came to this woman’s aid and Lucie and her masked friends hid behind two police officers seeking protection.

Lucie defending a convicted child rapist isn’t the first time she has protected male offenders in the anarchist movement. Lucie smeared and bullied a woman from the movement simply because that woman brought out into the open that she was being domestically abused by her then partner. Lucie took it out on the woman as she was having an affair with the victim’s perp!

This is Claire Saunders / Lee another SJW from Shropshire. I first met her on-line in animal rights circles in 2015 where I hadn’t entered gender critical circles. Just the other day she made a serious accusation against me via another local SJW.

Serious accusations indeed which are false! We actually had a friendship right through to April 2016. Now we actually went out for lunch August 2015 then our friendship continued right through to April 2016 when we parted ways as I had become openly gender critical and wan’t shy about saying how it was.

Going back to this dinner etc what she said was nonsense and a few radical feminists have seen the messages between us post meal.

During the meal we had Claire had talked about her relationship problems. I was happy to support her as she was a friend and that’s what friends do right?

Roll on March 2016 Claire is seen defending me in a spat she had with Julie Gallacher a radical feminist from Shropshire. Claire had sent me all the screen shots of that debate. I personally didn’t have an issue with Julie’s opinion of me. Julie and I have since spoken since that debate she had with Claire.

Now the above image is of another conversation Claire and I had post dinner.

There’s lots more to see too …….

I am happy to see all three in a court of law be it civil or criminal. I am also happy to hand over all the documents in regards those smears to Momentum or any independent Anarchist / Feminist group that wishes to see them.

Sadly SJW’s like the above rely on lies and throw enough mud in hope it sticks. I wont be the first and I wont be the last. I’ve seen so much thrown at radical feminists such as Venice Allan.

Speaking the truth seems so old fashioned to the SJW’s. If the above 3 want to inflict violence on me so be it! I will be inflicting similar violence back in self defence of course! If some one dies then so be it!

Maybe some one actually getting killed will make commonsense prevail once again! If I have to pay with my life then so be it! If I have to stand in court I will simply plead self defence. SJW’s are so too public about what they post!

August 18th 2018 will go ahead as planned!

Thank you!

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