Dropping the ID Of Trans To Protect Women + Their Biological Identity

It’s been a while. As most of you know I have been challenging men to be better people. I have also been talking and going out publicly to talk about changes to the Gender Recognition Act in the UK. With this I have been talking about the problems of Self Identification. With all that has brought much harassment in my direction. Everything from smear campaigns to abuse to having police visits. All for what? Having an opinion!

Myself I have been challenging the media to feature how I go about life. A life living as feminine man in what are considered women’s clothing. They aren’t listening but anyone who follows me on Facebook or / and Twitter know how hard I’ve tried to put forward a positive side of being trans. No one’s listening!

What Else Can I Do?

Well from today – The 6th April 2018 I am going to stop ID’ing as Trans / Gender Non Conforming! They’re ridiculous identities anyway. Identities that don’t help women in their struggle to safe guard women of their biological identities and safe spaces.

I’m simply going to identify as a biological male. That’s what I am –  A male after all! Hopefully more men will follow. I want this madness of stealing women’s biological identity and their safe spaces to end. There are biological females, biological males and intersex people. Come on lets stop taking the piss at creating any more biological identities. Its all lost on me!

When men like Alex Drummond claim they’re women is madness! Alex believes he is a woman and knows better about being biologically female than biological women themselves. He’s clearly off his head! That’s putting it mildly! The sad thing is he isn’t the only one. There’s literally thousands of men in the UK with their penis attached just like Mr Drummond. What’s more they all want to erase female biology right through to stealing their safe spaces.

Sadly Liberal Feminists have given up womanhood to allow men like me into their spaces as well as men like to dictate the agenda on men in dresses. I say men like me because I wont dictate to women or steal their spaces. No way! Not going to happen!

All is not lost though! Some women are fighting back and rightfully so. They are correct in telling ALL men to stop dictating the way forward and telling them to stop stealing women’s spaces. One organisation is We Need To Talk UK and Ireland Tour and the other Woman’s Place UK.

Both organisations I support 100%.

Elsewhere women are starting to organise on the streets. At this recent event I went to was organised by Manchester Radical Feminists. What an amazing event. We all got to have some really positive chats with the general public made up of female and males, young and old various cultures etc. No one could have wished for a better event!

I was so glad to have been invited to this event as almost everyone on the streets had no idea what the changes to the Gender Recognition Act and Self ID mean.

They Do Now!

So to protect women’s biology and their spaces I will simply ID as male. I have a penis so biologically I’m male. While too many penises are used as weapons of hate against women I wont mutilate a perfectly working organ.

Forget Calling Me ‘Trans’ Or ‘Gender Non-Conforming’ Male. Just Call Me male.

I urge other men to do the same as being a man in a skirt or dress is safe. No one bothers me. Not even in the male bathrooms. Stand up and be what you are! A man who prefers women’s clothing! If all men in dresses did this it would be so helpful to women protecting their biological sex and spaces.

Leave Women’s Biology And Their Spaces Alone!

What men need to do is deconstruct their social conditioning to be better men. They also need to listen to women instead of speaking over them. That’s just the start. There is so much more men need to learn to be better men. Go for it!

It’s A Journey That Protects Women And Makes You A Better Man!

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6 thoughts on “Dropping the ID Of Trans To Protect Women + Their Biological Identity”

  1. Dear Hope, you are so kind and sensible. I’m sorry about the negativity you receive. Your outfits are great too. Thank you for your continuing analysis of gender critical issues.


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