Gender Critical? Beating The Facebook / Twitter Bans

As many of you know my Twitter account has been suspended under new rules which does NOT allow you even the right to challenge the madness spouted by Trans Advocates. Trans Activists think they have won the war of social media against anyone who challenges their madness!

Facebook has sadly taken up a similar position.

They allow child pornography to shown. They allow women being raped to be shown. They allow animal abuse to be shown.

Yet point out a man identifying as woman is still a biologically male it’s an instant ban!


Rather than use proxy servers and borrow friends mobiles the best way around is this is pen your thoughts in a blog like this one or make a video through You Tube. You simply have to link on to Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter wont ban links simply because they would face ‘Free Speech’ court actions in the USA which would then cost them a lot of money if they lost in a court of law. I suspect it would bankrupt both Facebook and Twitter.

Another point worth noting is DON’T engage with Trans Activists as they will organise mass reporting of your accounts to get them closed. Just block them. If you feel dialect is needed then do so on the Blog / You Tube channel you set up.

Hope this helps?

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Street Voice UK

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