The UK Trans Madness Continues ……

The trans madness continues in the UK. It’s well beyond a joke now with women’s spaces, women’s biology etc all being wiped out! The more women stand up and speak the truth MTT’s come down on them even harder. Threats of violence, rape and sexual assault are rife towards women by trans advocates. Now let’s get real here! There is no real danger to the trans community in the UK. They need to shut up and listen to what biological women face every day. And women do face a lot on the streets of the UK.

Here’s the realism to trana advocates claims.

Two years ago I got a lot of grief for wearing a pink micro skirt on the streets of Birmingham. Total madness! One Saturday a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to get back on the streets of Birmingham as there were demos galore so I brought in Dominic and local photographer to document the day.

What to wear? I really didn’t have a clue and because it was a hot day I decided to go out on the streets wearing just frilly knickers and a vest! Now I was out in public for 9 hours dressed in that manner and not one insult and not one threat of violence. I did however receive a few compliments.

Unbeknown to me a female friend was in Birmingham and roughly in the same area FULLY clothed! Reading her facebook status in the matter of minutes she had been cat called several times, had her bottom pinched and was touched twice! That’s just madness and she wasn’t the only woman to receive unwanted attention. I saw one woman tell two men to Fuck off and keep their hands to themselves.

That’s a daily reality for women in the UK.

For me the grief I get isn’t from being gender non-conforming. The grief I get is because I’m involved with animal liberation and political struggles.

Outside a circus in Staffordshire protesting them abusing their animals one of them employers threatened me with violence and also threatened to throw the contents of the bucket over me. The contents were animal waste and urine! It was certainly not because I was trans. He sees me as some kind of animal rights terrorist! Completely off his head!

I even pushed it a little by entering a church to see what the reaction would be to me. Nothing! The vicar came across and he asked me about myself and my ink and then he gave me a guided tour of his church! Amazing! Even my photographer was surprised at that.

Even on a demo outside the Cancer Research shop there was no grief. If there was going to be any grief it would have been there as still most people see such demos as provocative as they don’t understand the cruel and immoral practices that animals endure in the name of science.

This isn’t just a one off scenario. Today (1st July 2017) I was in Wolverhampton as part of the Earthlings experience trying to encourage people to go vegan!

Even on a day out to Bristol there was no abuser or violence. I even got complimented by some women throughout the day. That’s how it tends to roll. The only thing that got to me was the bloody rain!

Work wise it tends to be safe identifying as I do. Most companies make sure that trans identity is protected and more companies are adding into contracts that discrimination against transgender folk is a dismissible offence in the UK.

I really don’t understand why the UK trans community appropriates the problems the American trans community has! Let’s face it we still have free health care here. In the USA they haven’t got the NHS so many in the trans community have taken up prostitution and paid with their lives. That isn’t a problem facing the American trans community. It’s also a problem that faces biological women who take up prostitution. Many women get violently beaten, raped and murdered by men.

The trans community in the UK can hardly grumble about violence when one of their leading advocates INCITES violence against women. For those who don’t know the meaning of TERF it is a slur against radical feminists. Now this trans advocate has a twitter page filled with threats of violence towards women. He even claims that the red on his shirt represents the blood of the women he has punched.

To conclude I’ve shown and still showing that it’s safe to be trans / GNC on the streets and at places of work in the UK and even using male bathrooms. I just wish that the wider trans community could see this but until they remove their heads from their arses the only people that are going to suffer are biological women.

Words: Hope Lye
Top Photo: Dom Le Gros
Other Photos: Hope Lye


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Street Voice UK

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