Vegan Antifa / Get Off The Fence – Animal Abusers, Rapists + More! My Reply To Their Smear Campaign

In recent times I’ve come under attack jointly from a group calling itself Vegan Antifa and Get Off The Fence a so called Anti-Fascist group filled up with animal abusers and a rapist! As part of the smear they used a doctored picture of me jokingly sticking my right arm in the air. It was a piss take photo taken over 20+ years ago where they’ve conveniently cut out black skinheads and a Vietnamese skinhead out of the picture. Somehow that equates me being a member of the Far Right!

This photo shows a different picture. Here I am openly wearing a militant Anti-Fascist t-shirt with a former member of Oi Polloi the Anarchist / Animal Liberation Front supporting band taken around the same time.

As I said above the right arming photo was taking as a piss take after we had a run in with the Far Right. Not going to apologise for it as that was the deal back then. Being a skinhead back then it was about having a drink and a laugh. That’s how it went!

The claims of historically being linked to the Far Right are laughable. I have respected Trades Unionists, former members of Anti-Fascist Action, Class War and many Rasta’s over the years who I have DJ’ed with who are willing to make statements to say Vegan Antifa and Get Off The Fence are lying.

For over 30 years I have been attacked by the Far Right. The above image shows one such attack on the Combat 18 / Red Watch site.

Most of the late 80’s / Early 90’s was spent hanging out with Anti-Fascist band ‘Blaggers ITA’ and members of Anti-Fascist Action, Class War and Red Action.

Above is the ‘Fuck Fascism’ album put out by the Blaggers on a German Label. The live side of the album was recorded by myself at the YMCA in Leicester.

Other activities was releasing an Anti-Fascist Oi! Compilation with Trev Hagl which was featured in Sounds and featured bands such as the Blaggers ITA, Comrade, China Drum amongst many others.

I was also the owner of Anti-Fascist Oi! Fanzine called ‘Revenge’ which also dealt with other issues such as Animal Liberation, Class Struggle politics etc.

Not forgetting one of the biggest and most open Anti-Fascist gigs in London I helped keep alive with the help of Tara Rez from FFRUK / The Duel when Anti-Fascists in London had bottled it after being threatened by the Far Right!

In more recent times I have written a huge article on fascist bands for Hope NOT Hate magazine in one of the earlier issues. I have also received a formal caution for a harassing a Nazi Skinhead from Yorkshire. This was the same man that Ben Jimmick ran off from and refused to play a gig. The said Nazi when coming across me had to seek police protection.

That’s just a few of the Anti-Fascist activities I’ve been involved with over the years.

So where did all this start?

It started with Ben Jimmick (Pictured above) who is one of the leaders for Get Off The Fence. I was accused of splitting the Anti-Fascist movement out when I called him out for raping and domestically abusing his former wife. When he called me out as a liar and to prove my accusations I put up a number of court documents. This was one of many court orders he had and still has against him! Those orders are supported by the police!

He is also a founding member of Vegan Antifa despite being a meat eater. Ben also despised the fact that I have and still support his former wife. What he did to her was unforgivable including breaking into a property with a knife to confront her!

Ben’s right hand man at Get Off The Fence / Vegan Antifa is blood sport participant Aidan Pubz Curran. Pubz not only smears me but also smears others within the Animal Liberation Movement. Only recently he was attacking Colin Jerwood the vocalist of Anarchist / ALF supporting band ‘Conflict’.

Conflict singing a Far Right song is laughable. It really is! Pubz can hardly complain Colin was mates with John Cato when Pubz himself was mates with one chap in the punk scene who hung out with the Ulster Defence Association and another was mates with the main man behind the current Blood + Honour Fascist organisation. Oh and not forgetting his best mate Ben Jimmick who supports the IDF in removing Palestinians from their land.

What is sad regards slating Conflict is Ben Jimmick was on one hand slagging Colin off behind his back while on the other hand was begging Conflict for support slots in the USA with his new band. He even lied to Colin to get on the Keith Mann benefit gig in London claiming to be a vegan when in fact none of the band were even vegetarian.

Other members of Vegan Antifa include a vivisector for Pfizers the pharmaceutical organisation. Two other members of Vegan Antifa work as Lab assistants at universities where they help vivisect animals. Then there’s at least 3 who work for KFC and other fast food chains. The list goes on!

Both Vegan Antifa + Get Off The Fence have also accused me of only recently jumping onto the Animal Liberation Cause which is laughable as my links to Animal Rights go back to the mid-80’s when some of us defended members of Telford Animal Right from being attacked by circus folks. Not forgetting an openly promoting an ALF gig in the 90’s where John Curtin spoke and the local media called me an ‘Animal Rights Terrorist’. Oh and not forgetting the ALF gig I promoted in 2007 featuring Conflict and Keith Mann! Again the list goes on!

I could answer the rest of the smears but I think I’ve made my point. However here’s some food for thought. Both Vegan Antifa and Get Off The Fence have accused me of being transphobic. Are they for real?

Yes you can stop laughing now!

Thanks for reading.


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