A Call To Feminine Men To Erase Trans Madness

Most people who know me in real life know I like a drink and a laugh as shown above. Sometimes there’s things that stop me having a laugh and drink and that includes trans madness.

Their madness needs to end! It needs to end now!

When I first came out I was confused about how to identify. Maybe I was a woman? Then I started to look deeper into coming out as trans. That journey was a dark one to say the least! It was a journey that saw me come across abusive men dressing as women, sexual perverts and even those that talked about hating radical feminists.

It was a journey that needed to be taken and one that saw me remove myself from the transgender madness that is so rife and being supported by so many people. In fact it left me rather depressed. So where was I to go now?

This eventually led me to just basically fuck all this madness off and just accept who I am. A feminine man. A gender non-conforming man.

Now if other men who claim they’re women took a step away from the madness that the transgender movement has created they too would almost certainly find they could be gender non-conforming right through to being into kink.

One only has to look at social media to see what madness trans advocates and their disciples have created. The women’s march last week saw this madness propel to epic madness and hate. This hate was so epic one has to wonder why if MTT’s hate women so much why do they want to become women?

Answers on a post card please!

The reality is you don’t need to take to hormones. You don’t need to mutilate your penises. More importantly you don’t need to claim to be women.

What you need to do is repackage your masculinity for starters. It takes a lot of soul searching but to address the issues you have this is a good place to start.

Then start looking at the your behaviour and the behaviour around you? Do you really believe the hate thrown at women (mainly lesbian women) is justified? If the answer is no why are your participating in such vile behaviour? More importantly why aren’t you challenging such disturbing behaviour?

Finally once you realise that trans advocates are off their heads the time is to leave transgenderism behind and go and find yourselves!

In the pic above I’m happy. I go about leading a normal life without complications. I have a job, I pay the bills, I dress how I want and go about my daily business without any fear! More importantly I use male spaces and leave women’s spaces alone!

The more men who take this direction will see the collapse of the transgender movement and the attacks on women from trans advocates will cease.

As men we should challenge other men about their behaviour and go from there ……


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15 thoughts on “A Call To Feminine Men To Erase Trans Madness”

  1. Yes! Much love to you! Everyone should just be themselves, if that means as a man you feel comfortable wearing makeup or a skirt then bloody go for it, be happy and own it – you don’t need to ‘identify as a woman’ just be yourself!! 🙂 We need more acceptance and less gender stereotyping & hating 🙂

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  2. It is homophobia and misogyny, they are erasing gays, lesbians and women as well. I have no problem, absolutely none, with people living out of the norm. One of the goals of RadFem is to destroy the gender and gender roles, but the hatred against women is just unbearable and must be stopped. We are not guilty for their suffering, we are not the ones killing and raping trans, we are not the ones harassing them to sleep with us, we are not exploiting them in the porn industry. They are accusing us of hate speech if we point that trans women are not women, are they fucking insane? Words like women, vagina, uterus, motherhood, breasts are being censored, we can’t speak about females issues without being labeled as transphobics, bigots or getting treats. Our bodies should disappear. This is going to far.

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  3. I wish I knew what to think about your issues with Transgenders. Perhaps Friday evening I will have a chance to ask a couple of my transgenders acquantences about it. You have made me certainly curious.

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    1. You don’t need to think. Just google Trans advocate / MRA Angelica Pertuda where he admits to filming women in bathrooms. Where he hates women because his former wife sued him for money after he left his wife and child homeless / penniliess etc. When you’re finished with him then google Transfemautism who spends most of his time attacking women. A sexual pervert who has to live at his parents address so they can keep him from stalking women and young girls etc.

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  4. This brought tears to my eyes. This is a great post! Beautiful. Be you. Everytime I hear about someone’s journey and the struggles along the way from floating turds, I can’t help but to feel angry that there are still people that refuse to see others happy and live their lives happily, and being true to themselves. Then I say about said floating turds, “F*ck em!”
    Youre gorgeous, by the way. So continue on with being silly, having lots of laughs, and fun (because life sucks with no goofy madness, and lots of giggles), and live your life the way you know you should live it, it’s yours to live. Xo Thanks again for sharing this.

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  5. Thank you so, so much. Gender role non-conformity is brave. You’re helping to make a better world for my son AND my daughter.


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