Corbyn, Tatchell + Left Wing Misogyny

Saturday 10th December 2016 Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour party was doing a speech on human rights which included domestic violence / domestic abuse. This was an important speech because it was the first time that a leader of a political party had addressed such an issue. Women were getting their voice heard and rightfully so.

As the above chart shows that 936 women have been killed by men over the past six years. 568 / 68% of those 936 women killed was down to a current or former partner. Those figures are shocking so it was about time a political leader spoke out in the UK regards domestic abuse / domestic violence.

However that speech by Jeremy Corbyn was not to last long. The stage was invaded by Peter Tatchell and his cronies to protest against Jeremy Corbyn’s apparent lack of response over Sallepo!

My response to that is Peter Tatchell decided to come in at the moment when Jeremy brought up the issue of domestic violence towards women in the UK as he hates women. This was a great opportunity to have the issues women face on a daily basis drowned out so Tatchell and his cronies went for it! In other words the voices / safety of women mean nothing to him!

Women were outraged by Tatchell’s protest and told him so over twitter like the response above. I removed the posters identity for safety reasons but you get the picture. Tatchell just ignored them in favour of going on about Syria. We know the situation in Syria is bad but that does not give you the right to shut down discussion about violence towards women.

So called Left Wing men took to twitter to defend Tatchell. This man above mansplained to lots of women that they were in the wrong and they should feel guilty for wanting Jeremy Corbyn to acknowledge that violence towards them is a problem. He even went as far to say he knew better than women because he served in the armed forces and single handedly liberated the Falkland Islands from the Argentinians in the early 80’s!

He went on and on making all kinds of assumptions about not just the women whose identities I’ve hidden but also myself too!

I mean to call people including myself ‘Anti-Gay’ for speaking out against Tatchell was simply madness and incorrect. Speaking for myself does the image above make me out to be anti LGBT? Baring in mind I only recently came out of a relationship with a gay man who identifies as a trans woman earlier this year! Assumptions of a straight white man who hate Jeremy Corbyn!

Tatchell’s natural ally ‘Pink News’ tried to support him in hope the readership would turn on Jeremy Corbyn but even that failed. Even the LGB community have had enough of Tatchell and his stunts. Some readers actually liked my comment which can be seen above. I just told it as I saw it!

Those who support Peter Tatchell why can’t they accept that he was wrong for shutting down Jeremy Corbyn for raising the serious about violence towards women? It’s all about male ego and pride isn’t it?

Sadly the Left wing men like their right wing counterparts tend to be misogynistic. Their hatred of women is compelling. From the SWP to Class War they’ve all silenced women who have been victims of rape by party members. They’ve even silenced witnesses too!

My own experiences of defending the former partner of an Anti-Fascist who had not only domestically abused her but he had also raped her too! Despite having court orders backed up by the police and the medical profession other Left wing men and some women didn’t want to know. When I exposed the perpetrator I had emails politely asking me not to expose him. I ignored them so eventually certain people have tried to smear me even to this day. Its fell largely on deaf ears mind you they were told by mutual friends they were bang out of order.

Misogyny on the Left is a serious issue and needs to be addressed as does the wider issue of violence against women bearing in mind they make up half the population of the UK. To be fair it isn’t just a British issue it also happens in other First World countries where women have been silenced.

It needs to stop! These issues need addressing.

I don’t know what else to say apart from making an apology to women everywhere for other Left leaning men thinking with their penises and not engaging their brains. It’s embarrassing.

I am so sorry for their behaviour and actions.

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9 thoughts on “Corbyn, Tatchell + Left Wing Misogyny”

  1. Hope, really??? By all means, spout your politics. But, unless you’ve had a relationship since the one with my sister, I will be commenting and making a point. If she is the “relationship with a gay man who identifies as a trans woman earlier this year”, I respectfully ask you to explain your reasoning to call her that.


    1. Sister? You’re her friend not a sister! Secondly not a very good friend either. How many of Krystines so called friends visited her after the GRS? None!

      Whether anyone likes it or not trans folk be it me or anyone else cannot be women biologically! We are men!

      Krystine KNEW my thoughts on the issue of trans women being biologically male way before we even had a relationship.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am her sister. She knows I was unable to visit her after surgery and she was absolutely fine with that. I find your reply rather aggressive considering I asked you to respectfully explain it to me. Whatever gender you identify as is your business. However, my sister is not, nor ever has been, a gay male. She is a female. The surgery just made that biologically so. I wished to understand your viewpoint and I was polite doing so.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We are both biologically male. Saw Krys regularly? In the 7 months we saw each other never came across you not did Krys ever speak about you! Krys did speak about her brothers being dicks to her which indeed was sad.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Just to clarify, Hope, you didn’t “come across” me as I have a busy life. I doubt Krys mentioned everyone ever in her life to you. Her brothers are, indeed, dicks. I speak to her daily and I see her as often as our schedules allow. You didn’t know everything about her life. I am glad about that. I tried to like you. She mentioned you often and I read your blog and asked questions about you. I tried to understand for her sake. Alas, it wasn’t to be. This post wasn’t about how you live or wish to live; your political convinctions; your apparent dislike of the male gender of which, I may be mistaken on this one, you are still a part of? My sister isn’t a gay male. So whatever issue you have regarding her gender representation is void. She is a beautiful woman and always has been.


    1. It was you who came to this blog not the other way around. Krys is not a woman. Nor are any trans women. On the same token no trans man is actually male. You like many people confuse gender with sex. Gender is a social construct. Krys like me would have been conditioned as male. Your sex is determined on the organs you are born with.

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