Trans Women, Lesbians + Clits On Sticks!

In December 2014 when I came out as a gender non-conforming human being (or Trans if it makes it easier) I was surprised to see so much anger towards the Trans movement by women. I was taken by surprise by the anger of how so many women felt towards the Trans community. However I ignored it as to be honest I was just doing my own thing rather than be part of the Trans community.

Anyway while it’s cool to be me I decided that maybe the Trans community could do with some support and maybe I should go to trans meetings as feelings were running very high between us and radical feminists.

So off I went to the first meeting.

Well here I am at this first meeting and from the very start it just came across as men in dresses feeling sorry for themselves and blaming biological women for everything. Then all of a sudden one Trans women lifted up her skirt to reveal his underwear. I was alarmed that someone would do that in a public place as it’s not the done thing and more importantly why on earth would you want to show off your dirty panties anyway?

It all went downhill from there for me. I never went back!

So I ponder for a few days and decide to go somewhere else for a Trans meeting. It was pretty much the same but at least they had clean underwear on when they showed it off! Then as the drinks flowed the meeting developed into clear hate for Lesbian women. Me being me I had to say something in defence of lesbian women and was asked to never again come to another meeting!

Thank god for that!

I began to look deeper into the arguments put forward by radical feminists and I was still not convinced as surely the Trans movement couldn’t be a cult taken over by men who only wanted to flash their panties and bulges in public?

Then I started to see all the tweets directed towards Lesbian women by Trans women. Most of them advocated raping Lesbian women for not wanting to suck or be fucked by what were described as ‘Clits On Sticks’. In my naivety I had to ask what a clit on a stick was. Had I missed something? But the tweets threw me as I never expected to see it be directed at Lesbian women by Trans women. I’d seen tweets / posts directed at Anti-Fascist women by Nazis but this hate was on a completely different level.

Note: This above image is of a man dressed up as a woman to publicly sexually assault young girls. This is the type of Trans woman who goes to Trans meetings and is defended by Trans advocates. This man is one of the Trans women that sexually assaulted me.

During the summer of 2015 I went off to meet a long term friend of mine in the LGBT quart in Birmingham. My friend a Lesbian radical feminist. Known her since the 80’s after meeting her at a Punk gig giving out a leaflet I had written called ‘It’s Not Just Boys Fun….’ It was a leaflet written about sexism in the punk scene back in the late 80’s.

So anyway it’s not a particular busy day and as the weather was nice we went bar hopping. All good! JD + great company is always an amazing experience. Then things started to turn a little sour!

Why you may ask?

I walked to the bar to get another round of drinks. There is a Lesbian woman standing there trying to ignore this Trans woman trying to get laid. Well I presumed the woman was Lesbian as it said so on her t-shirt. Anyway I started to hear words like ‘Don’t you like a clit on a stick then?’ and telling this woman how big his lady-penis was etc. You get the picture right?

Politely the Lesbian woman asked this Trans woman to stop bothering her. He didn’t! He carried on! At that point I stepped between the woman and this perverted tranny and put him straight. He was told he either walked or we’d be fighting. He walked! While he felt brave sexually harassing a woman he didn’t have the same bravery when confronted by another man. I did a get response with ‘Transphobe’ being shouted in my direction as he ran out the door on the way out!

The woman thanked me.

Note: This is me! There is nothing wrong with a man being feminine and rejecting gender rules. You can be you without pretending you’re a biological woman. Just be you! And don’t invade women’s spaces. Set up your own!

Now I’m not one to judge whole community on one incident but after speaking to Lesbian women in those bars on at least 3-4 visits after the image painted of Trans women and their behaviour was very problematic because of the sexual harassment / sexual violence.

On the Birmingham Pride 2015 / 2016 parades I got the feeling from speaking to Lesbian women that Trans women are a huge problem and why many don’t turn up at Pride as they burnt their bridges with their behaviour in the LGBT community.

Scary huh?

Then I was sexually assaulted twice by Trans women. Both incidents saw them put their hands up my skirt to feel around to gauge what underwear I was wearing. Hmmm? Did it matter what underwear I was wearing? One Trans women got it back big time. Their last mistake. The second time I was lost for words and actions as I was speaking to a friend’s 80 year old mum!

Roll on my questioning of the Trans community. All to do with Trans women and my contempt for their actions. As more men come out as Trans women I see problems that they give women in particular Lesbian women. Lesbian women have been under attack by men dressing up as women and claiming to be Lesbian themselves.

Note To All Trans Women: If you believe your penis’ are female or clits on sticks then you should have no problem sucking and fucking each other. After all you’re all women right? Please also note that Lesbians tend not to do penis! Look it up!

Am I transphobic? Am I selling down the Trans community down the river?

No I’m telling you the truth based on my real life experiences and am telling you the reader that the vast majority of Trans women suffer from Autogynephilia. For those not in the know Autogynephilia is a sex-fuelled mental illness where men have a tendency to be sexually aroused by the belief they are women.

Strong words but it’s my observations of the Trans community based on almost two years of experiences in real life around them and what I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. They suffer from a mental illness. They don’t hormones or their penis’ destroyed. They can get help with mental health. However for that to work they have first got to admit they have a problem in the first place!

I just wish men would stop this nonsense of pretending to be women and fucking women over by expecting them to fall in love with their clits on sticks! Jeez! Who the hell came up with that term anyway? They need shooting as do the men who believe their penis’ are female and are under the belief they are entitled to erase / hassle Lesbian women.

To all Radical Feminists: PLEASE keep on speaking out. It’s your voices that bring common sense to this madness that Trans advocates are feeding the minds of people all around the globe! I will continue to support you in this struggle against the Trans Cult!


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18 thoughts on “Trans Women, Lesbians + Clits On Sticks!”

  1. Trans activists even did a workshop called “breaking trough the cotton ceiling” to discuss how they can get lesbians to sleep with them (!). While the term isn’t used anymore because of the backlash – the hate and anger towards lesbians is still there. It even happens to gay men sometimes because ftms can’t deal with the fact that gay men don’t want to date them.
    There is so much Lesbophobia/homophobia in the trans community and it seems to get worse.

    Thank you for speaking about your experiences. There should be more gnc men like you. I hope you are an inspiration for other men.

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  2. BRAVO!!!!! Thank you for being you and also for speaking the undeniable truth. I am not a TERF, however, I was married to a man who now claims to be a woman simply because he has popped a few pills and prefers to wear pumps now instead of brogues and prefers to chat about nail polish and make up rather than climate change or the economy. He is proud of the fact he managed to fool so many people for so long and is now legally considered female. His constant demands of how Trans women must be obeyed, oops, sorry, treated, are so misogynistic – because he is a man!! If he chooses to act in a feminine way now, why can’t he be like you and simply accept he will never be a woman? BTW he will flip and start ranting once he sees this as a the Trans community doesn’t allow anyone to comment in anything but a positive way.

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    1. “TERF” isn’t an actual thing. Radical feminism does not exclude transmen, who are known to be female, therefore it’s not trans-exclusive. The transgendered people complaining about being left out are transWOMEN, who are male, but radical feminism also excludes so-called “cis” males, so it is consistent across the board. Would you say it MUST include males? If not, then being upset that it excludes males in womanface is nonsensical and inconsistent. If you DO think it must include males, I’d be curious as to your reasoning. Males don’t need feminism, they just need to quit being dicks to us and to one another. It never was complicated, they just choose to make it that way.

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  3. Thank you all for your kind words. Hopefully people seeing this coming from a man albeit a GNC man may begin to understand what a mess the trans cult is and they may begin to understand what biological women have to go through at the hands of the trans cult.

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  4. Thank you for sharing Hope, I am sorry you had those experiences. There is no excuse for what happened. I have not myself seen behaviour like this but do know it goes on. You are right to voice these experiences. I do think one too many fetishistic cross dressers are running free in the trans community giving it a bad name. But we are not all like that as you know. Cannot wait for the next entry.

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  5. Thanks for this blog. It’s refreshing. Fetishistic transwomen with their sexual aggression towards lesbians do no favours to the trans community. It used to be that certain transwomen were accepted in ladies loos on the nod, because they could be trusted. Now we’ve reached a point where women are digging in our heels, saying we don’t want anyone born with a penis in our spaces. The kind, civilized transwomen suffer as a result. Transwomen like those you describe aren’t safe, and when they speak or write it’s all too obvious that not only are they not women but they’re a particularly nasty predatory type of men.

    I look forward to reading further posts.

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  6. Thank you. Anyone who speaks the truth about these things gets attacked or banned. If you write one true thing about a “trans women” doing something horrible to you then everyday feminism will make it so that you can never post on their page again. They want to live in their fantasy and surround themselves with yes men.


  7. I’m going to keep it short and simple: you are awesome and continue the good fight! There is nothing wrong with a male who redefines what being a male is, in today’s society. More power to you. We are all on the same side against these creepy autogynephiles.


    1. Tom its fair to say my experiences in Birmingham, Wolverhampton + Telford have been pretty enlightening. However one only has to look at Twitter and other forms of social media to see the rape threats, to see the harassment of women etc. Its all very scary that men dressed as women pull this shit!


      1. I don’t know if I agree are not. I am going to look into it further tomorrow. If you see any of these threat please retweet it to me or send it to me on FB. Thanks.


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