RIP Orlando. How Can We Move On?

We all talk about Orlando and how did it happen?

Hate for the LGBT community. With the crazy gun laws in America and the rise of hate towards the LGBT community in certain states it was only a matter of time before a gun man went on the rampage. America has had so many gun rampages over the past couple of years and the guns continue to be sold to this day to any nutter who wants to buy one!

While people mourn world wide and tell us how sad it is I also see the same people posting homophobic jokes and memes elsewhere! That is just a joke. You too are a problem! It is problematic behaviour but on a much lower level to shooting someone dead. However this is where the hate starts.

It isn’t just homophobia, Its racism, sexism, jokes about rape and sexual assault etc that are also a problem. You think these jokes aren’t a problem? That is a problem in itself if you can’t see that. A big problem!

I get abused on an almost daily basis be it in the street or at work or even on social media. Much of this comes white men. They think they are entitled to abuse. Yet give them something back to think about they try and turn the tables. Most of the time I stand alone!

I’m not the only one. We see it all the time with various people being abused be they from the LGBT community, be they women, be they people of colour etc. When those on the receiving end end complain they’re told to chill and that it’s only a joke. Unreal!

We see so many people claiming to be allies and talk about problematic behaviour but very few actually do anything to stop it! Why? Being told that you’re being politically correct is enough to silence you! That’s not being a good allie if you remain silent! More people need to speak up and help erase such behaviour. That’s when problematic behaviour starts getting resolved!

So its Thursday 16th June 2016. Lets all make a promise to ourselves and each other to help erase the kind of behaviour that eventually leads to extremists killing people. Lets start to make this a better planet for everyone eh? When we see a problem challenge it! If you are challenged about your actions don’t just fire back. Think about what’s been said to you!

That is how things change and we must all play a part in making that change a reality!


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Street Voice UK

Street Voice UK came about at the start of the digital age in 1996. We had been publishing magazines and promoting live events as far as back in 1982. Most of our work has been lost since the sudden demise of My Space so we started again elsewhere after a short break. Over the years we have worked with my bands, models and PR companies throughout the world. Our current mailing list boasts 43200 legitimate subscribers from around the globe. Since 1982 we have remained non-profit and will continue to do so. We deliver a professional service and working with is very effective to sell your product at no cost to yourself. PR: Hope DIY

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