The Day My Pink Thong Upset A Security Guard!!!!

More often than not I’m told that I should wear clothing more accustomed to what society thinks I should wear. Well sod what society thinks I should wear. I’ll wear what I want when I want. I’m into punk rock and alternative music culture so my clothes were never going to be what everyone else is wearing. I’m not a sheep I don’t follow the masses. However lots of my friends like what I wear and strangers in the street sometimes stop to compliment me on what I’m wearing.

A week or so ago I was meeting Krystine my partner for lunch at my local shopping centre at a modern Asian cuisine buffet. I wanted to blow her mind with my choice of clothes. In fact I was hoping she’d tear them off and fuck me there and then. My choice of clothing can be seen in the above photo leaving nothing to the imagination.

So off we go to a place called Mimosa where we had a lovely meal and no one objected to what I was wearing. In fact when I was filling a fresh plate of food someone complimented me on what I was wearing.

So after enjoying the meal and having a couple of drinks we decide to do a little shopping and head off inside the local shopping centre. Usually I just go to Lush and Holland & Barrett’s. However we headed off into H&M to have a look around. The staff in there were very polite but to be honest nothing took our fancy and we left.

On leaving the H&M store I was approached by two security guards who moaned about the shortness of my shirt and asked us to leave the shopping centre. On leaving we decided to head off to Asda where we had no problems with how I was dressed!

Once I got home I sent Lush a tweet about the incident as I was stopped going their shop. I sent them a photo of what I was wearing and this was their reply.

A rather positive response taking into consideration modern times. I mean what shopping centre has dress restrictions? Probably mine is the only one in the UK where they eject people for their clothes!

Anyway I decided to complain to the management of the shopping centre. Two days later they sent me an email saying on CCTV they could see my “Pink Panties”. I don’t believe that for a second as CCTV images they release to the press are pretty rubbish to be honest.

It’s more likely that when I was in a passionate embrace with Krystine that a security guard may have seen my underwear by accident. After all in embrace they were exposed but no one seemed to care. They’d almost certainly seen it before!

As you can see from the above photo that’s all anyone would have seen. Hardly the crime of the century bearing in mind that when the security were complaining about my clothes three lads walked past with their jeans / trousers below their bums completely exposing their boxer shorts. One of the security guards turned his head to catch an eyeful of a young woman wearing low cut trousers exposing her thong. Double standards for sure!

On April 1st 2016 I went into town to do my weekly shop and popped into Lush where I have a wonderful time with the staff. It’s like visiting relatives. I had my photo taken in there.

On the way out I headed off to another shop to purchase some hairspray. As I was walking through the centre I heard some woman call someone out as being a pervert. It was the same security guard getting off his knees who had asked me to leave the previous week. CCTV my arse! He had been trying to look up my skirt!

The man obviously has something wrong with him. I mean what gave him the right to be the ‘Skirt length police’ and more importantly he behaved no better than a predator trying to look up my skirt. When he was called out by a stranger he was fuming, He had been caught!

What almost certainly offended him is I was trans expressing a very feminine side. He was almost certainly upset that I should be a man expressing a very macho side. I could be more cynical and think he was looking for kinky sex in a changing room but the jury is out on that one!

So there you go peeps. If you’re male you can expose your boxers in my shopping centre. If a biological woman wears exposes a thong / g-string that’s OK too! But if you’re a trans woman and you should accidentally expose your underwear while in a passionate embrace with your loved one you’re likely to be given the boot!


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One thought on “The Day My Pink Thong Upset A Security Guard!!!!”

  1. Lovely article, thank you for taking the time to write it, and for having the courage to be yourself and set an example for others that it’s okay to do so.

    I hope you peruse the security guards harassment against you. Perhaps get some free legal advice possible and see if there is anything you can do?


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