International Women’s Day + Safe Spaces

Today is International Women’s Day which for me is to remember how far the feminist struggle has come right through to seeing how much work there is left to do. For women there is still a long road to travel down before the final goal is achieved.

One of those struggles which women are fighting for is their right to safe spaces. The main opponents to women’s safe spaces are cis men. However another opponent are trans activists who believe they have the right to enter and determine what is on the agenda of those safe spaces.

Even though I’m on the trans spectrum myself  I oppose the erasure of women’s spaces and I oppose the right of trans women to take over women’s spaces with their own agenda. There’s other trans women who feel the same way too!

What we men on the trans spectrum should be doing is creating our own safe spaces. We should be creating our own refuges etc. In fact we should stop encroaching on ALL women’s spaces. Women should be left alone to determine who enters those spaces and what agendas they have for those spaces. That is NOT for us as the trans community to involve ourselves with.

My main problem is with trans activists is many refuse to believe there is a need for feminism and days like International Women’s Day. That is very concerning! Think about it! These trans activists want to carry their male privilege into their female world. That isn’t going to happen and don’t they just hate that loss of entitlement?

“But people should be able to identify how they want to”. That’s all well and good but life isn’t that simple and this is open to abuse as Women’s Refuges have experienced as men have dressed to identify as women to get into refuges. Children’s wards have experienced similar problems. These are real issues that need to be addressed. It would be both dangerous and foolish to ignore such safety issues.

Not to mention that the recent space in the media given to trans women in jail were there for physical and sexual crimes against women. Something that many have refused to address.

Are people really being serious about letting the likes of Davina Ayrton (A trans woman convicted of raping a 15 yr old girl and downloading 4000 child porn images) into safe spaces for women?

Some radical feminists have in the past compromised on their spaces by putting a motion forward where they would be happy for post-op trans women into their spaces. Some post-op and pre-op trans women have welcomed that compromise. Sadly voices of reason and compromise are often drowned out!

I would like to see more trans people learn more about feminist issues and why women need safe spaces. I want to see more trans women start showing their faces and their voices heard instead of leaving it to women and the LGB communities to do it for us.

We can and should create our own safe spaces and that starts with making our own personal spaces safe. As the number of trans people coming out rises we really should be looking at feminist history, black history and LGB history so we too can gain ground and push our needs. That is the very least we should be doing.

So let us stop invading women’s spaces and demanding they be about us. It isn’t about being trans exclusionary it’s about showing respect for feminism and women’s history. From day one women have had to fight and we should respect that fight and their space!

We have our own fight that needs to be won!


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Street Voice UK

Street Voice UK came about at the start of the digital age in 1996. We had been publishing magazines and promoting live events as far as back in 1982. Most of our work has been lost since the sudden demise of My Space so we started again elsewhere after a short break. Over the years we have worked with my bands, models and PR companies throughout the world. Our current mailing list boasts 43200 legitimate subscribers from around the globe. Since 1982 we have remained non-profit and will continue to do so. We deliver a professional service and working with is very effective to sell your product at no cost to yourself. PR: Hope DIY

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