My First Year Coming Out As A Trans Woman – Alternative NMP3 Shoot Pt 3

On my first anniversary of coming out as a trans woman I was supposed to be doing a photo shoot in Shrewsbury as this was the first ever photo shoot I undertook under the Alternative No More Page Three banner. You can read about that first shoot HERE.

The scene planned was just to go around very public areas in Shrewsbury in just my pink panties, trans punk t-shirt and boots. Then in time I was going to strip down just to my panties. Let’s face it if newspapers such as the Sun and the Star can be purchased with scantily dressed women in why can’t a scantily dressed woman walk about town?

That was the plan. However due to a transphobic supervisor at work the shoot was made impossible as I had to change working hours. We do plan to re-arrange this shoot in January which will be to the year I did the first Alternative No More Page Three shoot.

It’s been an interesting year as those will know following my blog. There’s been ups and downs. More ups mind you but enough downs to show transphobia is very real on the streets of Britain. Attitudes really do need to change out there as trans people like women are being verbally abused, cat called, sexually assaulted, raped right through to even taking their own lives.

I’ve also used this year to push feminism because it is so badly needed in society. What I’ve experienced living as a woman is nothing compared to what women from birth have had to endure. Cat calling, sexually assaulting right through to rape and murder of women is rife. In fact men find any female a target including young girls.

For men there are no boundaries. As women we are just pieces of meat to be used and abused by them. Hearing it from women over the past 30 years was bad enough but it takes you to a whole new playing field living as a woman.

I have no regrets coming out and living as a woman. I feel much more confident. I feel much more alive and I feel the real me is out there for all to see. I only wish I’d done it far sooner. Better late than never though!

The Smash Gender Prejudice And Patriarchy blog continues to grow. In under 11 months there’s been just under two million hits. New ideas coming for 2016. Please do keep on reading and sharing. Education is the key to ending transphobia, sexism and other ism’s.

Hopefully at some point in 2016 the NHS would have got it together so I am seeing a consultant at a gender reassignment clinic. That I am looking forward too!

In fact I’m looking forward to 2016 in a very positive way!

Finally there’s just so many I want to thank for the support and being there. There’s just so many of you that I don’t want to cause offence if I miss anyone out. But much love and thanks to all those who have made this first year so special. You all have made me feel brilliant!

Thank You X



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