Men – Stop Street Harassment + Sexual Assault

For those reading my blog I’m an openly trans woman who is also a queer feminist. When I say ‘Queer’ I refer to being pansexual. I wear clothes that are considered ‘provocative’ by a large element of our society. My response is they should deal with it! However society doesn’t deal with it and sees women like me as fair game for harassment, sexual assault and even rape! They victim blame us when we raise our voices.

The main perpetrators are male. I’d say about 99% of the horrible experiences I’ve encountered is down to the male sex. They really can’t help themselves even when it comes to trans women. For those who’ve read my past blogs will have read some of these experiences I’ve had from men!

Men are so full of excuses when they’re challenged over their behaviour. I went out walking my dog the other day and what I was wearing can be seen in the above image. As the perpetrator put his hand up my skirt and pinched my bum he was caught by an off-duty police officer. He tried to make out it was a joke and then complained my skirt was too short. The police officer in question wasn’t having it any of it and took his details if I chose to make a complaint.

I’m sure many women have heard all this before. Many women stay silent because they feel they aren’t being listened too! Rightfully do too! Apparently we’re supposed to take harassment and sexual assault as a compliment!

There are some who believe that women are as equally as bad as men for such behaviour. However Everyday Victim Blaming in their recent book showed the UK stats for 2011/2012 confirms harassment and sexual assault is a male problem:

1. 96.7% of cautions issued for sexual offences were to males.
2. 98.2% of prosecutions for sexual offences were against males.
3. 99% of those found guilty for sexual offences were males.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. As I said that many crimes of harassment and sexual assault go unreported!

In the UK street harassment of women by men is a major problem. In May 2015 the Independent reported that nine out of ten British girls experience street harassment before they turn 17. You can read that full report HERE.

A UK report shows just how bad the problem of street harassment and sexual assault is!

If you just think it’s just women that get harassed there is also a huge problem in the UK where school girls get harassed / sexually assaulted on a regular basis.

The claims made in the above tweet on the Everyday Sexism site are reflective in the society we live in. Can you imagine how this woman must feel? Harassed for almost on a weekly basis for 14 years of her life!

A few months back I saw a white van driver call out a school girl in her uniform just outside my house! The girl in question couldn’t have been older than 12! When I called the police and the company that employed said perpetrator it was written off as a joke that had gone too far! No way! The van driver made his intentions very clear to the girl! He should have been prosecuted!

If you pick up the Everyday Sexism book you can read some of the stories from school girls which are all horrifying in their own way. Men not just guilty of harassing and sexually assaulting women they are also getting away with it doing it too minors too!

Men need to STOP! They need to stop Now!

Above are some great tips for men to help eradicate the problem of street harassment and sexual assault! There’s so much more they can be doing too!

Until men change their ways the harassment continues for women and children. There’s not a day I can’t go out without being harassed for being myself. I’m a very feminine women and I’m not going to change that because men can’t keep their mouths shut or keep their hands to themselves. Neither should you! Don’t put up with it – Report it!


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