Life As A Trans Woman – A War On Women Part 2

So here I am as a trans woman, militant feminist and proud of how I identify. I make no apologies for it either! No way! Why should I?

I’m so comfortable with my feminine side I’m happy to wear clothes such as pink leggings and make-up in public. I feel nothing of my male past inside me. It’s like it never existed in me. I feel so at peace identifying as a woman. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!

I have lots of friends who are happy for me. I have some solid neighbours who support me. I also have the support of the local business community too!

However there’s always exception to the rules and I found out last week just how far some were prepared to go. Some even went as far as trying to get me killed by posting anonymous letters to residents on my street which were based on lies lifted from Far Right websites.

My crime? I wore pink leggings in public! How dare I as a woman wear pink! Things exploded and at this moment in time there are 4 hate crimes against me registered with the West Mercia Police.

While things started out positively with the Police they soon drifted in their usual couldn’t give a fuck position they always have towards things they don’t understand! On the same day the police told me it’s likely I could be stabbed a report was released on the police’s failings over the Georgia Williams murder! On the same day I realised that two other women have been let down by the police. They paid with their lives too!

Seeing so much hate towards women I can’t believe that no one seems to take us seriously. It’s if we’re just pieces of meat waiting to be fucked, raped and abused. Then when we speak out we are called out as misandrists!

I read tweets from women on Everyday Sexism and they leave me feeling rather sick. As a trans woman I thought I’d never experience what I read on Everyday Sexism. How wrong I was! Men see I identify as a woman and see me as the same piece of meat. While some men want to know what genitals I am carrying in my panties others aren’t bothered and just see me as another piece of meat. They’ll pull the same old misogynist attacks. And they are attacks. Make no mistake about that!

The photo above I was out with my dog on a rather beautiful morning. I saw a couple walking with their dog so I knelt down to put Mollie on her lead. As I did a cyclist came past trying to pull at my skirt as he went past! He pulled it some way down revealing my left bum cheek and red thong visible. The police’s response even though there were two witnesses was ‘Are you sure it wasn’t an accident?’

Isn’t that what the police usually do? Find any excuse apart from dealing with the issue in hand! Women have had this all their lives. It’s down to poor policing that most women don’t report cat calling, touching up, sexual assaults and rape. What’s the point?

So there I am in the above photo going about town minding my own business. In my last blog I reported that I’d been asked to leave town because the skirt revealed my pink underwear. However when I complained to the shopping centre management and they looked at CCTV a different story emerged. The couple who complained had actually bent down to look under my skirt. The shopping centre management apologised and sent me some vouchers. That wasn’t good enough really in hindsight! The police should have been called in and the couple cautioned at the very least!

Again it’s something women have to put up with all the time. In my local shopping centre a man was arrested a while back for using a selfie stick to take a photo under a young woman’s skirt as he walked. I believe said man got let off with a caution! I’ve seen women touched up, cat called and abused while out shopping. It’s an everyday occurrence which has seen such behaviour become normalised!

So here I am wearing the skimpiest skirt I’ve got. In fact it’s probably fair just to call it a shredded rag as it leaves little to the imagination. Some designers have made a killing from shredding old pairs of Levi’s and charging over £100 a pair for the pleasure. I made mine out of an old pair of Levi’s from my male days.

Anyway I fall asleep on the train and curl up in the seat unknowingly revealing a thong and bum cheeks. Men in the meanwhile on opposite side of carriage to me take photo’s on their phones. I’m woken up by these men telling a woman to “Fuck Off and mind her own business” and calling her a “Nosey Cunt”. Her crime? She objected to them taking photo’s of me as I slept.

They thought it was in their right to take photo’s of me in said position. The woman at that point made a complaint to a police officer on the train who in fairness made them delete such photo’s. As they did the said men started ‘Victim Blaming’ me for wearing said skirt!

Again it’s a problem that society had and that is blame the victim. Countless women have been accused of wearing provocative clothing when in court testifying against the men that raped them etc. It’s standard practice. It’s so fucking wrong! It needs to stop! It’s men who are the problem not the clothes we choose to wear!

I wore this outfit to a Sonic Boom Six video shoot. All the people I met were awesome and loved what I wore. They were all women mind you. It was a good day from men too! No one said anything transphobic and kept their opinions to themselves. A whole day with no abuse was great. I get home and pop into my local shop. A man who has had a few to drink starts shouting abuse and says I deserve to be sexually assaulted. I ignore him! I wait outside shop for him and gesture him to come to have a chat with me down a dark lane away from eyes and CCTV. He refuses and then starts to blame the drink. I tell him to “Fuck Off”. I’m not having that “I’ve had too much to drink” as an excuse.

The “I’ve had too much to drink” is a problem to women who get beaten and raped. It’s an excuse that most courts that courts allow men to get away with. Not all Judges / Magistrates accept that as reason but the vast majority do! That again is wrong and needs to stop! If men can’t take their drink that’s THEIR problem not the fault of women.

There is a war on women out there and it needs to end. We women need to put pressure on the system to end this war. The #YesAllMen hashtag is relevant down to the fact that while not all men commit acts such as cat calling, touching up, sexually assaulting and raping you can bet other men are laughing at our expense. You can bet those men are also cracking jokes at out our expense etc.

That’s why feminism is so relevant and we need to be leading from the front line!


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Street Voice UK came about at the start of the digital age in 1996. We had been publishing magazines and promoting live events as far as back in 1982. Most of our work has been lost since the sudden demise of My Space so we started again elsewhere after a short break. Over the years we have worked with my bands, models and PR companies throughout the world. Our current mailing list boasts 43200 legitimate subscribers from around the globe. Since 1982 we have remained non-profit and will continue to do so. We deliver a professional service and working with is very effective to sell your product at no cost to yourself. PR: Hope DIY

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