Living In Fear Of The Trans Community? It’s Time To Start Your Education!

Originally this blog was going to be about why the Transgender / Transsexual community should support Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Government but that can wait until next time.

What I want to talk about is people’s fear of the transgender / transsexual community and how to some we pose a big threat to society etc. It’s as if some people see us as indecent just because of the clothes we wear or simply because we don’t identify with our birth gender. Lots of crazy thoughts going through their heads as they wind themselves up!

A fortnight ago I visited my doctor to begin the path to hormone replacement leading to full gender reassignment. That didn’t take as long as I thought so I headed off to a market town where I knew of a good piercer.

While walking around the market I came across a stall that sold similar underwear to what I wear. I was talking to the owner of said stall talking about the quality and the price of said garments. I was approached by two police officers over some one being distressed at what I was wearing. The individual was that distressed they dialled 999 – The Emergency service number for the UK. The two police officers started making all kinds of assumptions and got a right mouthful from the stall owner.

Lucky for me a senior ranking officer to the police officers was passing through with his wife. He identified himself and called this in with an even more senior officer. To cut a long story short the two police officers were made to apologise to me and face re-training as punishment since I didn’t make it official.

On asking the police what was happening to the person who dialled the emergency services phone number their reply was ‘Nothing’. Reading the local paper that night there was an article about not dialling the emergency services for any reason. Someone actually dialled them simply because his take-a-way order was wrong! No one in the report faced action either! Yet the police were quite happy to harass me for legally going about my business!

Yesterday afternoon I went into town centre. Well to be precise Telford hasn’t got a town centre as it’s made up of little towns coming together under the name of Telford. What we have is a large indoor shopping centre which on all levels is dreadful! However if you need anything like clothes and opticians this is the place to go where I live.

Anyway I’m walking around looking for a certain optician to get some safety glasses for work I’m being heckled by a few people. I’ve even had a couple in their 50’s doing their upmost best to take a peek under my skirt as I walk. They make transphobic gestures. I ignore them. It’s not worth it as there’s CCTV all over the shopping centre.

I find the opticians that my company are registered with. The staff are very helpful and soon I find a pair of safety glasses that actually look OK. The information is processed and within no time I leave the store.

As soon as I leave the store I’m approached by two security staff who inform me that I need to leave the shopping centre and come back wearing something more suitable as a couple of people had made complaints. I have no choice but to leave and they weren’t interested in hearing my side.

I head towards the Social Security office to inform them of my name change. Everyone was polite there. I then enter Asda where I do a grocery shop in said clothes and no issues there either! I even had a couple of compliments from women who said I looked very nice.

Back at home I email the people running the shopping centre and put my side forward pointing out to them about the abuse I got in town and how people made the effort to try and look under my skirt as I walked. I also pointed out that said skirt I had worn to the local centre on five previous occasions. All without incident. I also pointed out that I bought said skirt from a major high street store based in the shopping centre!

I took to twitter making sure the management of said shopping centre and one organisation made some comments which supported me in what I was wearing. Still no reply from my local shopping centre mind you!

The Schools Consent project made a valid point that if I was born a woman they wouldn’t have said nothing to her. There were women in town wearing less than me!

I wear short skirts in town all the time. In the photo above I was certainly wearing less than what I was wearing yesterday. Some transphobes live in fear of what they don’t understand and I’m the one punished for it!

This trans woman isn’t going to sit back and just take this nonsense. I am going to stand my corner because it’s not me who is the problem. Some people need to get a bit of an education. They need to understand that life isn’t all about them and their prejudices! No way!

The bottom line for me if I or any other trans person is going about their business what right have you to try and find out what genitals we have in our pants?


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