Men Need To Shut Up And Embrace Feminism!

So there I am laying on the sofa filing my nails in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I decided to start filing them since I had false nails for a while. It became impossible to do parts of my job so they went! In the past I’d just usually bite them off! Playing very loud was an album from the Sleater Kinney box sex I’d picked up this year. Great tunes to file along too!

I heard several bleeps on my phone so I picked it up to have a look. I then had the urge to go on to Facebook to visit some of the feminist pages I post on! On flicking through the ‘Feminism For Everyone’ page I came across a post which asked this question:

“What Do You Guys Consider Sexism Against Men To Be?”

My response was this:

I stand by every word because the bottom line is men want it all to be about them. They’ve even managed to convince some feminists that everything that happens to women also happens to them on an equal basis. Some of these issues that men want to claim equality on includes domestic violence and rape!


What men have to realise is that gender bias is not reinforced institutionally. Men have it pretty good. Patriarchy puts them at the top of the chain but many men do not get they are in a privileged position compared to women, trans women and other non-binaries.

I came across the above image on line a couple of weeks ago. When men are dismissive of feminism I show them this image because any man that slates feminism is an arsehole. That goes for the vast majority of men too! That also includes male feminists / allies who think feminism is all about them!

Men need to reconsider their position on many issues. A great example is domestic violence where almost all men including those linked to feminism will say it’s a 50/50 problem.


Below are stats from the UK Home Office over males and females murdered by current or former partners. The stats cover a number of years!

Figures are similar across many Western countries which show a huge difference between men and women being murdered! Despite all the evidence being on show men still claim it’s 50/50!

When men are proven to be wrong on feminist issues they have major tantrums.

What happens next is even more disturbing. Yes men start to victim blame. They’re very good at that! They direct all the blame towards women and never take any responsibility themselves. That for me is a serious misogynist crime. When men pull that stunt they really are hitting new lows!

Then they go into mansplain mode. Women and trans women get it. I even get it as someone who identifies as gender neutral. Mansplaining is a huge problem especially when it comes from feminist and trans allies.

It Needs To Stop!

This Needs To Happen!

Men need to embrace feminism. They need to shut up and listen! They’ve had their chance. Now’s the time for women to lead the way and make this planet a much safer place for all!

Think about it!

Hope DIY – September 1st 2015


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Street Voice UK

Street Voice UK came about at the start of the digital age in 1996. We had been publishing magazines and promoting live events as far as back in 1982. Most of our work has been lost since the sudden demise of My Space so we started again elsewhere after a short break. Over the years we have worked with my bands, models and PR companies throughout the world. Our current mailing list boasts 43200 legitimate subscribers from around the globe. Since 1982 we have remained non-profit and will continue to do so. We deliver a professional service and working with is very effective to sell your product at no cost to yourself. PR: Hope DIY

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