Left Wing Men And Their Hate For Women Continues …..

On Wednesday 5th August 2015 the above post appeared on the facebook page of anti-fascist organisation ‘Hope Not Hate’. They were asking for opinions about feminist women protesting against the new Jack The Ripper museum opening up in Cable Street in London.

The reasons for the protest is planning permission and grants gained by the museum were based on this was going to be a museum celebrating / hi-lighting the achievements of women in the East End. However that didn’t happen and what the East End gained was a museum celebrating the achievements of Jack The Ripper instead!

What followed next were Left Wing misogynist men came out in their droves to have their say. They were obviously angry that feminist women were protesting at all! Throughout the said thread there’s men obviously out to discredit and create hate against the feminist protesters. How dare women have a say eh lads?

This man’s logic is unreal when he tries to compare the recent ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ book with the crimes of Jack The Ripper! He had nowhere to go when a couple of women pulled him up on his comment.

Even more shocking was this comment. This man was clearly angry that the idea of a Women’s museum should actually have the go-ahead at all! What he forgets is there’s hundreds of museums and war memorials up and down the country that celebrates men’s achievements!

Just as you think men couldn’t get any worse up pops Steve Harrison who see’s women as ‘Bints’. This misogynist dinosaur just can’t help himself!

It just goes from bad to worse when misogynist ‘Noah Thompson’ calls the feminist protesters ‘Idiots’. He then goes on to compare the Suffragettes protests on par with the crimes of Jack The Ripper! Mansplaining well and truly alive here!

Clive Allan was either high on drugs or drunk when he wrote the above post? I bet when he sobers up that post will be deleted!

What’s even more disturbing is lots of misogynist comments appear on said thread and nothing is said by Hope Not Hate at all. Bar one appearance they otherwise remained silent as their male supporters made attacks on feminist protesters and women in general. On that basis one can assume as long as you’re a left wing man their opinions are far more valued than the voices of women in the Hope Not Hate camp?

Left Wing men then wonder why their female counterparts are breaking away to work alone. Let’s face it what’s the point of left wing women fighting for change alongside left wing men when they will be in the same position as they are now?

It really is time that left wing men started to change their ways and embrace feminism otherwise their misogyny just carries on! We really need them to get their heads out their arses and stop thinking with their penises. Only then can we work towards a better world for all!

Hope DIY


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Street Voice UK

Street Voice UK came about at the start of the digital age in 1996. We had been publishing magazines and promoting live events as far as back in 1982. Most of our work has been lost since the sudden demise of My Space so we started again elsewhere after a short break. Over the years we have worked with my bands, models and PR companies throughout the world. Our current mailing list boasts 43200 legitimate subscribers from around the globe. Since 1982 we have remained non-profit and will continue to do so. We deliver a professional service and working with is very effective to sell your product at no cost to yourself. PR: Hope DIY

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