Loving Life And Having A Say…. – July 11th 2015

Since I started transitioning I knew I wasn’t going to hide away and be quiet about it. I wanted to shout from the roof tops how I identify and at the same time raise awareness about issues which affect not just me but everyone around me. We have women being raped, fascism still exists, people are facing real hardships through austerity measures and workers struggling for decent conditions just to name a few issues that need raising.

As I said I’ve never been quiet about who I am and stand proud. I get compliments but for every compliment I get abuse such as being told I dress like a slut or I wear these clothes for a bet. I’ve even had a feminist man tell me I should tone down my clothing in case I get raped! I’ve even been told I’m not welcome at a certain venue because I make people feel uncomfortable. However the name calling doesn’t bother me – It’s like water off a ducks back to me. What bothers me is ignorance and that certainly needs challenging.

There’s so many out there who seem to think that we have to put up with the shit that is thrown at us on a daily basis. Why should we? Why should women be cat called, touched up or raped? Why should people be evicted from their homes because the Tories have sanctioned them? Why should people work for nothing on Government Programmes to get them back into work etc?

The fight back can happen. In 2010 British students took part in a series of demonstrations because of planned spending cuts to further education and an increase of the cap on tuition fees by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. These demonstrations shook the state up who in turn sent in the police to try and crush the spirit of the demonstrations. The State and police failed to break the spirit. If anything it raised the goal and students were united throughout the world where protests took place in almost every country. Brilliant!

If we take the above example we can do this. We can stand up to the Tories in 2015. In fact we can spread the spirit and encourage other nations whose working class people are under attack to stand united. If we stand united we can make a dent on the capitalist system. We may not break it but at least it will shake up those who wield the power!

Surely it’s worth a try?!!

Much respect to Clare Solomon for putting together ‘Springtime – The New Student Rebellions’. Since then Clare has gone on to do so much more and has opened people’s eyes. Clare is still doing her bit – What about you?!!

I have to say men including left wing men need to change their attitudes to women and other gender binaries as some of the behaviour is nothing short of hateful. Here I am holding ‘Unspeakable Things’ by feminist author Laurie Penny. A book that all men should read. In the book there’s rapes / sexual assaults on women taking place at demo’s from Uncut right through to a revolutionary group putting out a booklet for women to protect themselves from rape after any revolution because the police wont be there to protect them! What?!! No wonder many women now act alone!

There’s also the problem of when men including those on the Left who don’t take domestic violence and rape accusations seriously. On being told of these accusations on most part men will start to call the victim a liar and go as far as far as victim blaming to protect their male comrade! This shit needs to stop NOW!

There’s so much more to this book. Dark places where the author has been but lots of humour too! ‘Unspeakable Things’ certainly helped with me being open about transitioning and being open about my identity.

Every man including Left Wing men should read Laurie Penny’s ‘Unspeakable Things’. It’s an educational but excellent read. This can be purchased HERE

When I’m away from the politics I’m enjoying life. Got some back problems at the moment but on the whole life is pretty good at the moment. I’m finding more of and more of my feminine side where I’m starting wearing more make-up, I love flowery and pink skirts and more importantly I’m becoming more open. I’m also growing my hair which will become more of a feminine cut in time.

I’m looking into changing my name too! I’m thinking Hope as I still have a lot of hope. I remain positive. I’m also looking at going back to my GP to start the transitioning medically as it would have been a year since I came out!

Finally below is me holding a photo of Tara Rez of The Duel who is such a special person. Tara was the first person I came out too! Funnily enough she didn’t realise I was wearing a dress or tights for nearly two hours. Then it suddenly clicked with Tara. We both laughed for ages about that. She is the another reason why I’m thinking of Hope as my new name. Tara is a such a positive and loving person. If only the rest of the human race was like her…..

Special thanks to Tara Rez for being such an amazing person. Thanks also to Bessie, Claire Saunders and Marie Repulsive for lots of kind words and support. Thanks also to Clare Solomon and Laurie Penny. Love and to you all x.


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