MTF Transitioning – My Story So Far!

I’m openly transgender and make no bones about it. I am who I am and I really couldn’t careless what anyone else thinks. I’ve never really discussed with my family about wanting to transition. I just started identifying as gender neutral / gender queer and for me the first step was to lose my male identified clothing.

I started to wear clothing that is identified with females but to be honest all clothing should be gender neutral and people should just be able to wear what clothing they like without petty prejudices that others come out with.

Some may find my dress sense outrageous but that’s what I enjoy wearing. Let’s face it a poorly made wig and a second hand dress from Oxfam was never going to be me!

I also identify as pansexual. Who knows who I may meet in the future? Let’s face it you can’t help who you may fall for be it a one night stand or a long term relationship. That’s nothing new I’ve said the same words in several of my fanzines over the years and at least 4 interviews I’ve undertaken over the past 5 years.

Queer, Trans and Proud!

Petty prejudices! I know all about them. Some people mainly white cis men have given me plenty of grief and some have made veiled threats. You can read about how I deal with prejudices in other blogs on this site.

Families? Who needs them eh? Most people I guess?! My father passed away and my mum rejected me for how I identify now! Nothing new there! Fickle mother who heads a dysfunctional family unit! Holds people to ransom over her will and what she’ll leave people. My mother cant and will never buy me. I will NOT play along with her games. The cord is cut!

Sadly for many it’s a different story. Many transgender and transsexual folk are saddened that they are ostracised from their families. That is sad indeed. Ignorant families cutting the chords with other family members just because they identify is appalling. We must make safe spaces and be there for people transitioning so they don’t feel isolated.

With Caitlyn Jenner doing what she did has certainly made it harder for all trans people. Lets faceit all trans people have a lot to live up too! Sadly many of us haven’t got a $100,000 to look that good! Still we cant let that put us off or send us in a different direction. We have to keep moving forward!

I’m never one for shutting up. As I work towards transitioning I have also made myself transparent. I want to talk about my experiences so people understand so others transitioning don’t feel isolation.

I also wanted to raise awareness for feminist issues. I’m proud to stand by my sisters and be an ally to their struggle. I take to the streets to talk about issues such as domestic violence right through to victim blaming to rape etc. It’s a rewarding experience because I get to meet so many people and talk to them about issues that need addressing.

There’s more to come too! The blogs are going to continue. Every step of the way I’ll be transparent as well as raising awareness for the above causes.


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Street Voice UK

Street Voice UK came about at the start of the digital age in 1996. We had been publishing magazines and promoting live events as far as back in 1982. Most of our work has been lost since the sudden demise of My Space so we started again elsewhere after a short break. Over the years we have worked with my bands, models and PR companies throughout the world. Our current mailing list boasts 43200 legitimate subscribers from around the globe. Since 1982 we have remained non-profit and will continue to do so. We deliver a professional service and working with is very effective to sell your product at no cost to yourself. PR: Hope DIY

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