Oi! Mate Are You Wearing Male Pants Or Female Panties?

Since identifying as gender neutral and heading towards MTF gender change I’ve just worn what is considered by society as female clothing. However I see it as clothing I feel most comfortable in. That clothing is me!

As you can imagine there’s been lots of questions from family and friends but the most questions have come from strangers. I do lots of talking in the streets over various feminist issues that need to be aired and discussed and I believe taking the feminist message to streets is the best way. That’s so positive for me.

Then there’s the people who see me in a dress or a skirt who have to come up to me and ask me what if I’m wearing male pants or female panties. Seriously! It’s happened about 40 times since December 2014.

Today (26th March 2015) I was in town talking to a friend’s 80 year old mum. I hadn’t seen her in like a year or so. Out of the blue a couple led by the man came up and asked me about my underwear! I didn’t want to say anything in front of a friend’s mum but she certainly said something to them about it not being any of their business!

Mrs J was right it certainly is none of anyone’s business and that is something I put across to people but in a more polite way. I also point them to the Smash Gender Prejudice & Patriarchy site.

I really don’t know why my underwear is of importance to people but I wanted to be transparent when I did the blog so hear it is! I wear what is identified as female underwear from thongs to briefs. I love what are as identified as female panties. For starters they feel so comfy against the skin. They look so much better than male underwear!

There is a method in the madness of being so open! I can simply point people in the direction of the blog and they may actually learn something. It may change their perception on how they see people outside the two traditional gender groups. Hopefully they will also learn that what other people wear is none of their business!

And let’s hope things do change for people outside the two traditional gender groups. We aren’t aliens! We are human too! We just live life our way causing no harm to others yet we face so much hostility and in some cases violence. That tide needs to turn as soon as possible!

So just for the record the top photo is me in a pink lace thong. It’s my favourite thong. The photo below is me doing an ‘Alternative Page 3’ shoot in Wolverhampton earlier this year. Those panties are more of a brief and bloody well feel good against the skin. Another favourite pair of mine!

Thanks for reading and please do share. The more people who read these blogs the better!


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