A Morning In Wolverhampton – Alternative Page 3 Shoot – Pt 2

The first Alternative Page 3 Shoot has been welcomed in many areas. I wanted to do something that would support my sisters at the No More Page Three campaign as well women all over the globe who are dished up a daily dose of misogyny by men.

With misogyny brings the hate out in men towards women. It can range from cat calling to domestic abuse to rape and murder of women. There’s no boundaries to the hate that men direct at women. For some men it’s a laugh! Well I’m not laughing! That behavior from men certainly needs to be challenged.

The shoots are also undertaken to take in other issues such as gender prejudice. The trans community come under attack on a daily basis just for being who they are. While I identity as Gender Neutral I have come under prejudice simply because I choose to wear what is identified as female clothing!

On the 11th February I got up at 7am to make sure I had everything I needed for the shoot. Clothes were packed and a cab was ordered for 9.30am to take me to Telford Central Station to take me to Wolverhampton where the latest shoot was to take place.

Come 9.30am the cab turned out but there was a problem for the cab driver. He didn’t want to take me as his Christian beliefs did not accept how I was dressed. We argued for a few minutes and he drove off. Sadly for him I used to go hunt sabbing with the owner of the cab firm and a complaint was filed. See what I mean about prejudice?!!

I made it to the train station with seconds to spare! It must have been a sight for sore eyes with the 7 inch micro skirt I was wearing rising up higher as I ran to the train! At least I managed to get on said train without hopefully leaving too many people disturbed!

15 minutes later and I was in Wolverhampton where I met photographer Marcus Johnson. We hit it off straight away and we had a lot in common especially with music. More importantly Marcus identified and understood the aims I wanted to achieve from these shoots.

The first set of photos were taken at the war memorial in the centre of Wolverhampton. Some might see the shot as controversial but while we remember the men who died in WW2 do we ever remember the women that are abused, raped and killed in war? For example women and children are being raped and murdered by both sides in the Ukraine conflict. Let’s not forget Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya either! No peace for women!

The most important part of the shoot was three young lads approached Marcus and I and asked us what we were doing. After explaining to them the idea of the shoot and what I wanted from the final results they gave us their best wishes.

The second set of photos were taken at the Lady Wulfruna statue outside St Peter’s church in Wolverhampton. Lady Wulfruna was a casualty of war during the dark ages where she was held hostage by the Vikings after a raid in Tamworth where she lived. Historic records show Lady Wulfruna was held as ransom by the Vikings but there is no records to show if she was ever released! Lady Wulfruna was the founder of St Peter’s and also the founder of Wolverhampton itself.

Next stop on the shoot was Wolverhampton Wanderers ground. A place where many fans from this club attacked feminists on the internet for making a stand against convicted footballer and rapist Ched Evans along with fans from many other clubs around the UK.  A place where ‘Sun’ attitudes are rife!

While there’s some cool football fans out there it has to be said there’s many more who hold misogynist attitudes. These men so badly need to embrace feminism.

While modelling Marcus pointed out that people were looking as the photos were being taken. Marcus managed to catch one of the viewers.

We then set off to Wolverhampton Law Courts. It’s in Her Majesty’s courts that many rapists, sexual abusers and domestic abusers get found ‘Not Guilty’. It’s a legal system where women and children are badly let down!

While we were at working getting the best from these shots a friendly journalist approached us to tell us it was illegal to shoot here. It’s a public area! The journalist was cool as I laughed that Marcus and I would get arrested! He asked about the campaign and the blog and promised to check it out!

Wandering around Wolverhampton we decided to shoot a few shots here. It was getting cold so I kept my jacket on. There was a care centre office nearby where a few women came out and a couple noticed the t-shirt so stuck their thumbs up in sign of support.

Next lot of shots we headed off to the skate park where despite the cold I was to mimic the models of Page 3 once again. Off came the clothes and pants to change into a different pair of panties and revert back to the black stockings.

While getting changed Marcus spoke to passerbyers who were cool about the whole shoot and again wished us luck.

Mind you it was bloody cold to strip down naked once again but it had to be done to create the shoot we both wanted to capture. Soon the new underwear and stockings were on!

Damn! That was cold. My body was frozen so I quickly got changed. Marcus’ fingers were bloody cold too! We set out what we had to achieve and it was now time to head off home!

This morning (12th February) the No More Page 3 Campaign released a statement in regards to the Sun dropping Page 3 for so many days. They believe it is time to re-charge the batteries and take the campaign further. You can read their New Beginnings statement HERE.

Thanks to the No More Page 3 campaign for all their hard work in putting pressure on the Sun. There’s still many publications out there such as the Daily Star and Sport that objectify women and are sold in spaces where children can view these images. They’re publications that men read in public without a care for anyone else!

I look forward to supporting the NMP3 Campaign in the future in which direction they choose to take it!

All Photos: Marcus Johnson.

Thank you to the NMP3 campaign and Marcus Johnson. Thanks to everyone who reads and supports the blog. Much love and respect to you all.


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