Gender Prejudice, Punk Rock and Left Wing Politics

Before I start this article on gender prejudice within the punk and left wing movements people need to understand what gender prejudice is.

My take on gender prejudice is that it is based on the expectation that people will conform to social norms commonly associated with their biological sex. Examples being a male or female taking on roles opposite to the ones that are assigned to them by the patriarchal society we live in.

When men and women drop out their assigned gender roles becomes an issue for many people. More often than not a man’s masculinity and a women’s femininity are questioned with it bringing out homophobia in people. ‘Oh he must be gay or she must be lesbian’ all because they reject patriarchal roles.

Most just think there are just two gender binaries but reality is there are many more ranging from gender neutral to transgender. Between those two there are many gender binaries which should be accepted into every day society but again patriarchy keeps people thinking that there are only two roles – Man and Woman.

Despite the original punk movement ignoring gender roles things have gotten very lost along the decades. The same has happened with the left wing movements. In fact when equality seemed to be a norm across these movements there was to be real change on the horizon. Sadly it wasn’t too last and patriarchal roles were soon resumed with it bringing misogyny, domestic violence, rape etc

.Having seen lots happening over the past year I can clearly see that gender prejudice and all the pit falls are there for people to see but for many they turn a blind eye. That’s certainly obvious! I can understand with those who have suffered gender prejudice and why they’re pissed off and why they walked away.

My own experience of gender prejudice isn’t on par what many have suffered. Mines more of an annoyance but still valid. Only last night I was questioned for wearing what I am in the above photo at a punk gig! People with dyed hair, piercings, political badges etc asking me why I’m dressed the way I am. I even asked if I was wearing what is considered female underwear!

Laughable really. In the spirit of things I did answer when asked and explained my reasons about doing the blog etc. I even returned the question about why they were dressed the way they are. The reply was ‘I like it’. My response to that was like ‘Well I like to dress the way I do’. Then come the blank expressions on their faces.

Even in left wing political circles I’ve been asked why I dress the way I do! On one hand they’ll rightfully have a go at racists yet these people have their own prejudices to bare regards gender binaries.

For me movements that saw patriarchy being destroyed need to get back to their roots if they really believe in change. Patriarchy and that comes with it is outdated and needs to go!

Bottom line – It’s time for change!


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Street Voice UK

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2 thoughts on “Gender Prejudice, Punk Rock and Left Wing Politics”

  1. I’m a bit confused. If wearing women’s clothing to highlight gender prejudice results in people asking questions, surely that’s a good thing? You’re highlighting it and spreading the word, perhaps changing the views of those who were quick to judge and assume who you are at the gig.


    1. I think for me that people who complain that they get pre-judged should know better really especially those wearing left wing and feminist badges. Some actually follow my facebook page where this issue is very hi-lited for all to see. Out of all the places I’ve been this was the place I should have done the least explaining. Can you imagine if the roles had been reversed? Everywhere else I’ve been people have been cool. When asked I have chatted to people and they’ve thanked me.


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