Groped Because I Identified As A Female To The Perpetrator

Today I was stood minding my own business waiting for a bus to turn up wearing exactly what I’ve got on in photo. Hood up the lot. Next thing I know I feel my bum cheek being groped and look around thinking it’s a friend winding me up. I look around and there’s this chap standing there with what I presume is his partner!

He realises I’m not female and starts running his mouth off that he thought I was female and any female wearing something as short as I was wearing deserved to be groped anyway. He called me ‘ A Slut’.

I pointed out that it was wankers like him that made women feel unsafe and they should be able to wear what they like. I told him that it was him who had the problem and he needs to address his issues.

I called him out as a sexual predator to his partner and asked her what she was doing with a dickhead like him? She bowed her head. Sad that a woman sees her partner do that and does / says nothing.

They both meekly walk off and then to make matters worse the bloody bus went past so I had to call a cab!

It was only yesterday I got groped at a cash point by a man carrying the Sun newspaper. He didn’t argue. Just did a runner when he realised I wasn’t female.

In London I at the beginning of December. He lifted my dress right up to reveal I was wearing What’s considered a female thong. All this on a crowded underground. I launched at him and he went running behind two police. When an independent witness confirmed my version of events they warned the man he would be put on the Sex Offenders Register if I pressed charges. He burst into tears!

I wasn’t wearing anything provocative. Dressed like the image below but I had black 80 Dernier tights on instead of red stockings!

Women go through this all the time. You can read many of their accounts on the Everyday Sexism twitter account. Men need to be made more accountable for their actions and maybe ending up on the Sex Offenders Register may help cut out cat calling and groping?

What else is there to educate men regards their misogynistic actions?

Photo Credits: Top Photo – Steve DIY. Bottom Photo – Alex Ford Photography


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One thought on “Groped Because I Identified As A Female To The Perpetrator”

  1. Thanks for raising awareness about this issue, I’m sick of the harassment i have had over the years. Last weekend i was getting on a bus wearing jeans and and rain coat, and an asian man came up behind me and grabbed my arse. I turnt around and embarrassed him by saying.. Grab my arse again and i’ll punch you in the face, he looked down in shame. I can’t stand it!

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