The Day I Met UKIP As A Cross Dresser

A week before Xmas I received a phone call from a member of UKIP enquiring about whether I was still interested in joining them. I thought it was a friend winding me up until I realised one of my friends had obviously given them my mobile number as a joke. I was just about to shout a load of abuse at the prat but then thought I can do something with this.

Throughout the phone call the guy made comments about Muslims, Left wingers and even claimed that males who wore women’s clothes were perverts etc. In fact no one was safe from the vitriol he spewed!

As the phone call went on I showed eagerness to meet him and did think about having him chinned. Then I thought why bother getting prosecuted over something which would have been seen as pre-meditated.

So last night when he agreed to meet in Spoons today for breakfast I decided another course of action would be more fun. I went dressed like this:

Despite having a cold I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity so I donned my 9” micro skirt, bright red hold ups, veggie patent ankle boots and a red fist t-shirt were the order of the day. You can just see the micro popping out the bottom of the shirt.

The guy had already ordered my breakfast which was a veggie one without the eggs.

I turn up and the chap was quite easy to spot so I went to the toilet to take off the thong I was wearing and then went and sat down in front of the man with my legs spread like his were and the skirt rode up my legs so he certainly copped an eyeful!

From the very start I said it was dumb to cold call someone as he hadn’t a clue who they really are and then went onto talk to him about some of the issues he raised like his racist attitudes right through to his transphobia. He was obviously blustered and quickly made his excuses and left!

I followed him out and pointed out to him that’s how he and other racists in UKIP make innocent people feel on a daily basis. He kept walking and I made sure people know what he is about!

Job done so I was just about to go home and realised I had a free breakfast on UKIP waiting and went in and scoffed it! I gave the other breakfast to one of the all-day drinkers in there!

Point made with no criminal activity involved.

BTW I did put the thong back on when I went back inside!


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3 thoughts on “The Day I Met UKIP As A Cross Dresser”

  1. Oh nicely done sir!!! *applauds* Though my bitch ass woulda put the thong on table for some extra drama.
    For those of us from other countries what does “UKIP” stand for? Besides sounding like an abbreviation slang for something dead.


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