A Day Out Shopping ….

Today I had to pop into town for a few things. So I get ready! I’m wearing a hoodie with what I’ve got on with above photo. 12” tartan skirt that I love to bits, my Syren t-shirt, black tights, a thong from some on-line company and some vegan patent ankle boots.

Once ready I set off for the bus into town. Try waiving down a bus and the driver takes one look at me and drives past. Nothing I can so apart from make a complaint to the company. Soon after another bus turns up and I get on. A couple of people look rather confused at what I’m wearing so I put them out their misery and they think it’s rather cool!

I fly around a few shops getting the odd look and the odd compliment too! I do like in a very odd town if you’re curious. Most parts seem to hold backward ideas especially men regards women and anyone else who doesn’t fit into their masculine ways.

I popped into a Debenhams for a top and I went to pay for one. Headed towards a till and the male cashier looks, makes his excuses and vanishes never to be seen again. Maybe E.T. kidnapped him!

Once I’d done a few things I went off to do a food shop at Asda. Same old thing really. Had a few looks and a couple started chatting to me. I thought they wear swingers at first but all they wanted to know is where I got the boots from!

I headed off to the George part of Asda to pick up some more tights and a couple of pairs of panties.

I wanted something comfy so I picked up the above. A couple came past and couldn’t have got past me quick enough! In fact they went past me that quick they collided with another shopper!

The rest of the time just passed like any other day!

It started getting dark so I took Mollie out how I was dressed! Big mistake that one. Skirt was blowing everywhere which I was glad to be wearing thick tights. It got worse when Mollie and another dog came across each other. While holding Mollie as the couple and their dog went by my skirt lifted giving them a flash of my bum!

Its funny observing people look at what I wear but when I think back I could easily judge them about what they’re wearing!

Note: Syren were an all-female alternative/rock trio made up of singer-songwriter Erin Bennett and ex-Rockbitch rhythm section Amanda Smith-Skinner (fretless bass) and Jo Heeley (drums). After Jo passed away with cancer and Amanda retired from music Erin carried on. Check out the latest line-up HERE.


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