To Shave Or Not To Shave?

To shave or not to not? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself since I decided to go genderless.

On one hand l wanted not to shave as so many of my feminist sisters and I agree on its only living under patriarchy that shames women into shaving. On the other hand I wanted to experience what women have to go through and it’s not considered very masculine in the UK society for a male to shave the leg, chest, back and pubic regions. I chose the latter?

What do I think?

I actually like it! I feel less manly. In fact I don’t want to be manly. Being manly usually means upholding patriarchy values something I don’t want to do. The sooner patriarchy becomes extinct the better for planet earth!

However grooming body hair is time consuming and costly!

There’s no real difference in quality between male and female razors so why they’re gendered is puzzling. I guess it simply boils down to making money.

Both the above razors are as effective as each other. Great quality visually and they leave your skin feeling so fresh and smooth. The difference is the cost. Initially the male razor will cost £7 which comes with two free blades. The female razor is £10 with one free blade. When you want new blades the cost of the male razor is £5.49 for 5. The cost for 2 blades for the female razor is £10. Over a period of time that is a lot of money being spent by women to groom themselves. Madness!

There are other options for women but again all costly and in some cases not exactly pain free.
My next experience will be with waxing at a beauty salon. Full article on that experience in February.
I can see why some women object to removing and instead enjoy their body hair. It rocks that women are confident to carry that look. Much respect to those that will not conform to the standards men set under patriarchy.

It would be easier for me not to shave at all but as I stated earlier the less I identify as a male the better! I feel very comfortable with myself now so why look back?


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7 thoughts on “To Shave Or Not To Shave?”

  1. Congrats. And in a day or three the stubble. Shaving is such a pain. And waxing is literally a pain. I look forward to that blog post 😉 It’s insanity the price differences between male and female razors, same with shaving cream. Absolutely ludicrous. I shave arms and legs, not because of patriarchy, just simply because I enjoy smooth legs.

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      1. Oh…..Please video blog the waxing 🙂 Yes, I’m a tiny bit evil. But what better way cor your followers to truely empathize with you? And maybe see that “no women are not being wusses” when we say waxing hurts like a bitch and men laugh. Bastards!


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