My First Day Out Smashing Gender Prejudice!

My first day out as a genderless human being was December 2nd 2014. I spent the day in London as I was due to fly out to Morocco the next day rom Gatwick.

Clothing I wore was a dress from Animal which I love to bits. In fact I bought another albeit a different colour. The jacket I wore was something I purchased from a female designer in Birmingham a couple of years back. All the material including zips etc were produced in the UK. The tights I wore were 80 denier black ones from Boots. The panties I wore were a little thong purchased from Asda. Footwear worn were Globe Trainers.

In addition I was carrying the Everyday Sexism book as my support of women who are subjected the horrors of domestic violence right through to Rape. I was also carrying it in support of Emma Sulkowicz who carries a mattress around Columbia University as a protest until her rapist leaves the campus. That book is carried everywhere I go.

Everyone had asked me since how did I feel going out in public cross dressing for the first time. To be honest I didn’t feel any different. In fact I felt more comfortable going out in what I wore. More men should try it!

I spent a couple of hours walking around London. I turned some heads. I asked a man handing out leaflets for directions to Hamley’s but he ran off! What surprised me was some older businessman in a suit with a rather posh accent apologised for the man running off and pointed me in the right direction!

The only hassle I got was a man lifted my dress on the tube revealing the tights and thong! He was surprised by my reaction and hid behind two police officers. After a rather short argument with the man and the police two witnesses stepped forward including a lawyer. Attitudes changed and the man burst into tears when one of the officers told him he would more than likely end up on the sex offenders register. I didn’t take it further as I had better things to do. The point had been made!

Soon it was time to meet my amazing friend Tara Rez from the Duel. We really don’t see each other as often as we should but living in different ends of the country is hard. Anyway we met up in the Argyll Arms just off Oxford Street. We spent a fair while in there before heading off to a Falafel bar for food. It must have been a nearly two hours before Tara realised I was wearing a dress. Her face was a picture but in a good way. She loved it. I’m glad she loved how I now dress. I must admit I did tease Tara about not noticing for so long! Spec Saver jokes came out fast!

Come 10pm it was time to head off to the airport hotel.

Not much to report but I did get some strange looks off men. A couple of women spoke to me on the train to the airport and were very supportive.

7 days later on the way back from Morocco I wore the same outfit once I got off the plane. Nothing much to report. A Canadian businesswoman loved the dress and we shared a bottle of wine while travelling from Euston in London to Birmingham. It was a great conversation. Shame I lost her business card!

So that sums up the very first time. A great experience more people should do. Comes highly recommended though I opted for 150 denier tights to combat the cold weather! 80 denier were just too thin!


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