A Call To Feminine Men To Erase Trans Madness

Most people who know me in real life know I like a drink and a laugh as shown above. Sometimes there’s things that stop me having a laugh and drink and that includes trans madness.

Their madness needs to end! It needs to end now!

When I first came out I was confused about how to identify. Maybe I was a woman? Then I started to look deeper into coming out as trans. That journey was a dark one to say the least! It was a journey that saw me come across abusive men dressing as women, sexual perverts and even those that talked about hating radical feminists.

It was a journey that needed to be taken and one that saw me remove myself from the transgender madness that is so rife and being supported by so many people. In fact it left me rather depressed. So where was I to go now?

This eventually led me to just basically fuck all this madness off and just accept who I am. A feminine man. A gender non-conforming man.

Now if other men who claim they’re women took a step away from the madness that the transgender movement has created they too would almost certainly find they could be gender non-conforming right through to being into kink.

One only has to look at social media to see what madness trans advocates and their disciples have created. The women’s march last week saw this madness propel to epic madness and hate. This hate was so epic one has to wonder why if MTT’s hate women so much why do they want to become women?

Answers on a post card please!

The reality is you don’t need to take to hormones. You don’t need to mutilate your penises. More importantly you don’t need to claim to be women.

What you need to do is repackage your masculinity for starters. It takes a lot of soul searching but to address the issues you have this is a good place to start.

Then start looking at the your behaviour and the behaviour around you? Do you really believe the hate thrown at women (mainly lesbian women) is justified? If the answer is no why are your participating in such vile behaviour? More importantly why aren’t you challenging such disturbing behaviour?

Finally once you realise that trans advocates are off their heads the time is to leave transgenderism behind and go and find yourselves!

In the pic above I’m happy. I go about leading a normal life without complications. I have a job, I pay the bills, I dress how I want and go about my daily business without any fear! More importantly I use male spaces and leave women’s spaces alone!

The more men who take this direction will see the collapse of the transgender movement and the attacks on women from trans advocates will cease.

As men we should challenge other men about their behaviour and go from there ……

Corbyn, Tatchell + Left Wing Misogyny

Saturday 10th December 2016 Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour party was doing a speech on human rights which included domestic violence / domestic abuse. This was an important speech because it was the first time that a leader of a political party had addressed such an issue. Women were getting their voice heard and rightfully so.

As the above chart shows that 936 women have been killed by men over the past six years. 568 / 68% of those 936 women killed was down to a current or former partner. Those figures are shocking so it was about time a political leader spoke out in the UK regards domestic abuse / domestic violence.

However that speech by Jeremy Corbyn was not to last long. The stage was invaded by Peter Tatchell and his cronies to protest against Jeremy Corbyn’s apparent lack of response over Sallepo!

My response to that is Peter Tatchell decided to come in at the moment when Jeremy brought up the issue of domestic violence towards women in the UK as he hates women. This was a great opportunity to have the issues women face on a daily basis drowned out so Tatchell and his cronies went for it! In other words the voices / safety of women mean nothing to him!

Women were outraged by Tatchell’s protest and told him so over twitter like the response above. I removed the posters identity for safety reasons but you get the picture. Tatchell just ignored them in favour of going on about Syria. We know the situation in Syria is bad but that does not give you the right to shut down discussion about violence towards women.

So called Left Wing men took to twitter to defend Tatchell. This man above mansplained to lots of women that they were in the wrong and they should feel guilty for wanting Jeremy Corbyn to acknowledge that violence towards them is a problem. He even went as far to say he knew better than women because he served in the armed forces and single handedly liberated the Falkland Islands from the Argentinians in the early 80’s!

He went on and on making all kinds of assumptions about not just the women whose identities I’ve hidden but also myself too!

I mean to call people including myself ‘Anti-Gay’ for speaking out against Tatchell was simply madness and incorrect. Speaking for myself does the image above make me out to be anti LGBT? Baring in mind I only recently came out of a relationship with a gay man who identifies as a trans woman earlier this year! Assumptions of a straight white man who hate Jeremy Corbyn!

Tatchell’s natural ally ‘Pink News’ tried to support him in hope the readership would turn on Jeremy Corbyn but even that failed. Even the LGB community have had enough of Tatchell and his stunts. Some readers actually liked my comment which can be seen above. I just told it as I saw it!

Those who support Peter Tatchell why can’t they accept that he was wrong for shutting down Jeremy Corbyn for raising the serious about violence towards women? It’s all about male ego and pride isn’t it?

Sadly the Left wing men like their right wing counterparts tend to be misogynistic. Their hatred of women is compelling. From the SWP to Class War they’ve all silenced women who have been victims of rape by party members. They’ve even silenced witnesses too!

My own experiences of defending the former partner of an Anti-Fascist who had not only domestically abused her but he had also raped her too! Despite having court orders backed up by the police and the medical profession other Left wing men and some women didn’t want to know. When I exposed the perpetrator I had emails politely asking me not to expose him. I ignored them so eventually certain people have tried to smear me even to this day. Its fell largely on deaf ears mind you they were told by mutual friends they were bang out of order.

Misogyny on the Left is a serious issue and needs to be addressed as does the wider issue of violence against women bearing in mind they make up half the population of the UK. To be fair it isn’t just a British issue it also happens in other First World countries where women have been silenced.

It needs to stop! These issues need addressing.

I don’t know what else to say apart from making an apology to women everywhere for other Left leaning men thinking with their penises and not engaging their brains. It’s embarrassing.

I am so sorry for their behaviour and actions.

What the trans community needs to do to support women’s rights

This is 100% correct.

stop trans chauvinism

I’m always seeing these articles on what feminists and lesbians need to do to support the trans community and it’s pretty much shut up and obey and call the nice man she if he demands it and prioritize the needs of males who identify as women ALWAYS and cease to exist as a female class of people. Right, not going to happen.

Anyway, here’s my list of what the trans community needs to do to support women’s rights.

  1. Stay out of women only spaces. All of ya.
  2. Build trans specific homeless shelters that are sex segregated.  FTMs are not safe in men’s shelters and they aren’t likely to want to ID as the women they are (women are adult females, even women who take T) to get into a woman’s shelter, so build the FTMs some homeless shelters already. Women’s shelters are being forced to admit any male who claims…

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The Day Pink News, Trans Advocates + Everyday Feminism Sold Women Down The River

From the moment I came out under the Trans spectrum as a Gender Non-Conforming Male I knew feminist issues had a huge part to play in changing society for the better.

As I’ve said in other articles in my blog it didn’t take me long to realise that Trans women were becoming very abusive to Biological women on social media. When someone claims they’re a woman and then threatens to rape Biological women with their penis questions do have to be asked.

Over the past couple of years I’ve seen a lot of abuse thrown as Biological women in particular towards Lesbian women. Trans women up in arms because Lesbian women didn’t want to have sexual relationships with them.

The threat of abuse / violence identifying as I do is a very rare. Even when I go out in busy town centres on a Friday or Saturday night!

Then of course Biological women wanted to protect their spaces from Trans women. Who can blame them when they’re constantly threatened with sexual violence from the same people who want to enter women’s spaces?

Then of course criminal convictions such as violence and sexual violence towards Biological women by Trans women were brought up! All you’d hear from Trans women is that they should be allowed to serve their time in female prisons because male prison were far too dangerous.

Biological women who were defending their spaces were called out as TERFS or Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Biological women have also been no platformed at debates too! Even Liberal feminists have turned on other women.

Even out doing street protests identifying as I do I get very few problems. Here I am with Mandy Thomas’ book ‘You Can’t Run’. It’s her story about her abusive former partner who tried to kill her!

From LGBT publications such as Pink News to sites such as Everyday Feminism to Trans advocates have set out to attack Radical feminists for defending their positions. Even when Radical feminists provided proof in forms of court convictions that Trans women could be violent and that they could rape were ignored.

November 11th was the day that the LGBT publications such as Pink News to Everyday Feminism and Trans advocates sold ALL women down the river.


News came in of the arrest of a Dana Rivers a widely known and respected Transgender activist was arrested for the violent murders of two Lesbian women and their son. In those circles everyone has remained silent. No news reports. No condemnation. No nothing! Just silence!

The threat of abuse / violence even when I go out flashing some leg and wearing hold ups is almost non-existent. Biological women have a far worse time of it sometimes ending in rape or murder.

That to me sucks because I believe as do many biological women is that publications such as Pink News and sites like Everyday Feminism and Trans advocates will ONLY break their silence to make sure their hero goes to a female prison and not a male prison.

That Sucks!

Not only have they sold down the victims down the river but they’ve sold ALL women down the river.

When I get abuse like this even from some one as powerful as David Duke I don’t demand to hide in safe spaces. Instead I turn the negatives into positives by creating press etc.

What should be happening now is Pink News, Everyday Feminism and Trans Advocates should be doing is offering an olive branch to Radical feminists / Lesbian women and having sensible dialect to help protect women’s spaces. These publications / organisations should also be condemning Dana Rivers and the hundreds of other Trans women who have raped, sexually assaulted and murdered Biological women and children.

This Is The Only Way Forward.

Someone such as myself on the Trans spectrum wants to see dialogue happen. I would like to see women’s spaces for Biological women kept as they are. I want to see Trans advocates start to build our own spaces, refuges etc.

As for Dana Rivers well they should spend the rest of their life in prison but not a female prison!

Birmingham Hall Of Memory + Women’s Contribution

On my trips to Birmingham I always make a stop at the Birmingham Hall Of Memory to pay tribute in particular to all those women who lost their lives during WW1 and WW2. I think about all those men who lost their lives to but in the grand scheme of things memorials for women are very rare. It’s as if women and their contributions to the war efforts during WW1 and WW2 have been forgotten or they weren’t deemed worthy of memory.

Besides the Hall Of Memory being a lovely and peaceful place to visit I believe it was the first tribute in the UK to remember both men and women who sacrificed their lives during both wars. It’s important to remember when the foundations of this building were laid most women in the UK were still not allowed to vote. Their lives still lay at the hands of men.

The Hall of Memory was originally built to commemorate the 12,320 Birmingham citizens who died and the 35,000 who were wounded in the First World War. More importantly the £60,000 to make this memorial happen were public donations from the people of Birmingham. More importantly the vast majority of people who worked on this building were also citizens of Birmingham. Even the statues that stand outside the building were made by a local artist.

Birmingham led the way in this tribute. To include women was almost a certainly a radical idea for the 1920’s but embraced by the people of Birmingham. Women made a lot of contributions to the war efforts by working the lands, working in ammunition factories to working on aircraft to nursing on the front line to name just a few things that women contributed to the war effort.

As I said the Hall of Memory is a lovely and peaceful place to go to. It’s also such a beautiful building to look at. Despite there being bad times in the 1920’s the people of Birmingham really did make an effort with this beautiful memorial.

So here I stand at one of the bronze statues that stand outside the Hall Of Memory. I love to pay my respects here and as a Gender Non-Conforming male it’s also important for me to remember women too.

The statue in the image is to represent the women’s service to war. How the statue represents women is to show they were not engaged in the fighting but were very responsive to it. If women hadn’t have been responsive to WW1 and WW2 we would have certainly lost both wars.

Women made a very important contribution to the war efforts and I for one am grateful to them. I for one wouldn’t be able to live my life as a feminine man under fascism!

I for one as a man would love to see more statues and memorials for women in the UK in regards WW1 and WW2. I would also love to see more statues and memorials dedicated to women in other aspects of life / history too! Lets face it lots of women have made important contributions to our society and like men they should be remembered too!

Thank you!

Why Trans Women Need To Embrace Reality Instead Of Illusions

Coming out as Trans / Gender Non Conforming Male I never set out to ‘pass’ as a woman. For starters that would probably even bankrupt Donald Trump with surgery costs. Let’s face it no amount of surgery is going to turn me into a woman so why even bother? Reality if is I’m not a woman. I’m just me! And let’s face it most Trans women tend to have this patriarchal illusion of women.

I’ll admit it’s not always been out coming out and I’ve had a few problems including losing my job in the June 2016. I’ve been given some abuse in the street. In 2015 some men wanted to physically harm me in broad daylight on the streets of Birmingham. One man even wanted to ‘Rape the woman out of me’.

Now I tend to take things on the chin and when I’ve faced any grief as described about I challenge that behaviour from men who see a major problem with my identity. I stood up and in doing so men backed down. Even the men at work shit it! I kid you not! They’d give me abuse and I’d give it back. However I wasn’t aware they were also making complaints to the management every time I countered their abuse. So in the end I lost my job. I was set up! Still I didn’t go down without a fight!

I have always stood proud and as I continue with my journey I never once have felt shame. I am happy who I am. I don’t feel ashamed.

Why should I?

My journey has consisted of doing what I did before came out. I enjoy seeing bands play. I love photography, Love meeting new people. Love visiting places be they in the UK or abroad. I love music and with it comes my love for Jack Daniels. What a drink! The list is endless!

There’s many positives in my life and men who come across me need to accept that I am a man with feminine traits. If they don’t like it then it’s their problem not mine!

I’m a man in what are considered women’s clothes.


The vast majority of Trans women will have similar experiences to me. Where we differ is how we have chosen to deal with the problems we encounter. Trans women will fight tooth and nail to enter women’s spaces and take control of them by whatever means they have.

I have no interest in imposing on women and their safe spaces.


Biological women are not the problem. The problem is with other men. Why should women have to make room for us in their spaces when we should be standing up to men and telling them to ‘Fuck Off’ if they don’t like us?

To be honest life isn’t as bad as what many Trans women make out it to be. I go out to bars, venues, hang out with friends and with it enjoying life as much as possible. I am very public and part of my journey has been to hit the streets to educate the general public I honestly don’t know what there is to fear in the UK being Trans.

It’s also fair to say that biological women get more grief in public than the Trans community today. Cat calling, harassment right through to sexual assault, rape and murder! If many Trans women were to get off their high horses and looked at the statistics we’re far from being the most persecuted group of people on this planet.

It’s time Trans women (Feminine men) stopped feeling sorry for themselves and realise that life isn’t all about them! It certainly isn’t about forcing / guilt tripping women into having us in their safe spaces. As I said we should be taking up the issues with other men rather than projecting those problems on to women.

2017 is soon up on us and I would love to see more Trans women to drop their advocates and go out and live in the real world. It’s time to get a reality check instead of living under an illusion. Illusions aren’t good for you. Living in the real world is much more fun.

You will probably start enjoying life again!